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  • Character Analysis: The Rapper

    Towards the beginning of this semester, I attended a festival up in Queens, New York City called The Meadows. While I watched various artists perform that day, the performance that stood out to me the most was by far Chance The Rapper’s. While Chance has been around for about three or four years now, he popularity really began to increase this year with the release of his third mixtape Coloring Book. Due to this increase in popularity, his personality has been showcased on social media, award…

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  • An Octoroon Performance Analysis

    An Octoroon Performance Critique I had the opportunity to attend Theatre UCF’s production of An Octoroon at the UCF Theatre in Orlando, Florida. Throughout my life, I have had the experience of going to productions at the secondary school level, club level, collegiate, and professional/Broadway level. In my opinion, Broadway shows have always amazed me and continue to bring the highest level of acting and musicality. However, shows at the secondary, club, and collegiate level all have the…

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  • Ball And Chain Concert Essay

    Much can be obtained from watching movies and viewing videos. However, the fulfillment and richness of an experience are improved by attending live performances. On February 10th, 2018 there was an outstanding live music event in the world-famous Ball and Chain. I went to witness this concert with my wife; in order, to obtain the information necessary to complete this essay, but in reality, I ended with more than that because I had a delightful time and a unique experience. My wife and I chose…

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  • Quiet Eye Gaze Behavior

    Quiet eye is a gaze behavior first reported by Joan Vickers of Calgary University in 1996. The Quiet eye has been defined as the duration of the final fixation towards the relevant target prior to the execution of the critical phase of movement and has been accepted as a measure of optimal visual attentional control. The quiet eye has an onset that occurs before the final movement in the motor task and an onset that occurs when the fixation deviates off the target by more than 3 degrees for…

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  • Sample Dance Performance Review

    I went to go see the University Dance Theater Spring Concert on April 13, 2016 at 8:00 pm. This concert had ten different dance performances, each representing a different style of dance. These dance performances were created by different choreographers, some being students of Old Dominion University that are in the dance program, special guest artist, and or professors. The guest artist for this year’s spring concert Ann Sofie Clemmensen. All the dancers that performed in the show are all Old…

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  • Similarities Between Live Theatre And Tv Theatre

    Live theatre and film are quite different although they have some of the most similar aspects. Live Theater is real and the theatrical actors are really able to set the environment and are able to make people feel and connect to what the character’s are going through. The experience people go through when they watch a show speaks for itself. Movies and tv shows are somewhat realistic as well, but they are not as majestic as what it feels like to actually be right there with the “characters”…

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  • Makishi Masquerade Analysis

    The Makishi Masquerade is an example of performance because it is an event that re-arranges restored behaviors of a ritual used to initiate boys between the ages 8-12. It is popular entertainment because it shows part of the Vaka Chiyama Cha Mukwamayi culture. It appeals to an audience because it provides visual and audio images of costumes, dance routines, and music these individuals use in this initiation The accessibility of this performance is youtube videos, documentaries, and/or books…

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  • Badgerette Showcase Analysis

    lot of Utah schools, dance groups and cheerleaders. I picked 4 performances that I liked the best and I am going to be writing about them. Before the show started, the coach introduced all Badgerettes that are in the team this year and that were performing that night. First performance that I really liked is called “Get It” by Badgerettes. It is choreographed by Chalyn Dye. It started with about 15 girls in the middle of the podium. In the rhythm of the music they spread around using the space…

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  • Essay On Fiji Culture

    perform the Meke while others watch (Russell). This is very interesting to me, watching videos about the Meke you would think they had years of training with a professional. Instead they are taught by the generations before them as they grew up. This art form of singing or dancing can be found all over Fiji. “To be a performer in Meke is to assume an important role in the community (Russell).” To relate how important, it is to be a performer you can relate them to a teacher in the USA. When you…

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  • Essay On Why Is It Important To Be A Child

    is it important for child to be a child for as long as they can be? Children performers these day in school, on a Hollywood stage, and or the red carpet or television show, are not being well education. Also these children in school who are not performing well, suffer from bullying, rude and crucial comments, and some of the time they don 't have very stable homes. On the other hand, these kid performers who are on Hollywood sets and red carpets, suffer from stress disorders and sometime it…

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