Argumentative Essay On Performing Arts In Schools

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How many people would rather go to a high school football game than the school musical? Most likely, a ton. Football games have food, themes, and the student section. Students that actively participate in performing arts programs excel more in all aspects of life. Research shows that arts education improves scholarly success. Many students use the arts as a free way to express themselves who struggle with different types of anxiety or insecurities. Cutting performing arts education will not only hurt the students, but the schools as well. Performing arts education should be equally beneficial to students, schools, and communities as sports are in public schools. Performing arts is known to improve all aspects of life. Recent neurological studies show that music doesn’t only improve math and reading skills, but also improves creativity, social development, personality adjustment, and self-worth. …show more content…
(Dave Dickenson, NFHS) It would be very simple to intertwine sports and arts. If more “star” players stepped up to show that the arts are “cool” or even acknowledged that there are arts programs at their schools, the arts would be thought higher of. It is known that when students get to high school, their passions differ. It isn’t to say that a student cannot be interested in both fields, however, statistically arts promote more scholarly success than sports. The average SAT score for all SAT score for all test takers in 2005 was 508, on the verbal portion. The average score for the students that had 3 years of arts education behind them was 514, and the average score for the students that had 4+ years of arts education behind them was 534. (National Assembly of State Arts

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