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  • Live Theater Show Analysis

    It had been while since I been to Ohlone college. I am surprised to see there are huge changes. Four story parking lot with many construction still in the progress. I was lost for good 15 minutes before I met someone who was there to watch the same show. I never been to smith center and never watched any live theater show before. To tell the truth I just found out about the popularity about this show after I got there, show was full house. I fell silly a the same time because when I talked with…

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  • The Classical Concert Experience

    piece, which was significantly different from most concerts I have attended who only bow after their last piece. I was notably surprised to see the orchestra standing for their first piece considering most orchestras sit while performing unless you are a soloist. While performing, the audience did not nod their heads to the music nor did they socialize with other members of the audience, but instead stayed significantly quiet and observed the performance with direct attention. The audience…

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  • Write An Essay On Contemporary Tap Legend

    The two individuals selected for this paper seemingly go hand in hand even though I had no prior knowledge of their backgrounds when I chose them. Although it can be said that all of the old tap legends served as leaders in the industry for the future generations, this particular legend was a pioneer for African-Americans in show business and paved the way for my chosen contemporary tap legend to succeed. Prince Spencer was born in Jenkinsville, South Carolina on October 3, 1917. At seven years…

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  • Motor Skill Acquisition Essay

    Augmenting Motor Skill Acquisition In an attempt to describe the augmentation of motor skill acquisition I am going refer to the work of Schmidt and Lee (2014) throughout this assignment and inform my comments around a skill used in basketball; the free throw. A free throw is a skill that is generally unaffected by environmental factors, such as opposition. This results in a stable and highly predictable environment throughout performance. These characteristics of a free throw describe a closed…

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  • Reflection To Enhance My Strengths

    performer greatly. It has permitted me to learn to engage with the audience, to attack choreography and not just go through the motions. Resulting in strong movement quality I perceive this as strength as Bandauer.D, Rovegno.T(2016)state “Simply performing the skill is not enough—the quality of the movement matters” I feel that the training I have received can help me to push myself as a performer. I will continue to enhance my movement quality by taking opportunities to perform frequently, I…

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  • Parsons Dance Critique

    They are internationally renowned for creating and performing contemporary American dance of astonishing artistry that is accessible and inspiring to diverse populations. Parsons Dance was founded by artistic director David Parsons and Tony Award-winning lighting designer Howell Binkley in 1985. Parsons in well-known for their athletic and empowered work. This company had toured to more than 385 cities, 22 countries, and 5 continents, performing at the most notable theaters, festivals and…

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  • Greek Mythology Experience

    sophomore year of high school, I was in a play called Greek Mythology Olympiaganza. I made new friends because of this event that I feel I will have for the rest of my life. During this event I learned how to control my actions and feelings while performing. I have wanted to major in acting and to perform in more plays since this moment happened. This event in my life is crucial to me because, it made me realize that I can and want to make people laugh. In my sophomore year of high school…

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  • Homophobia As A Theme Of Struggle In Billy Elliot

    Struggle in Billy Elliot Imagine a boy who has a passion. He loves to do ballet. In fact, he’s amazing at it. His ballet teacher and peers praise him and thinks he’s amazing. Every time he dances it’s like he’s floating through the clouds. He’s practicing his ballet one day and his dad comes in and screams at him for following his dream. Inferring that he’s gay for doing ballet. Having power over him telling him he can’t follow his dream. The movie Billy Elliot explores these ideas of…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Last Live Performance

    The last live performance I saw was Zarkana in radio city music hall. I don’t remember the exact year but I remember that it was over the summer. It really was a captivating experience, as soon as I walked in there was characters greeting you with intricate face painting almost like tribal marking infused with modern painting techniques. I took my seat, as the show was about to begin. However there was a pre show before the actual show began. The relation ship with the audience was really breath…

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  • Lip Syncing In Lonely Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Certain artists throughout history produced albums with technical effects, preventing them from performing it live. Technology in songs is not the problem, it is the artists who choose to lip sync songs they cannot perform live without lip syncing. The Beatles could not perform songs from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band live because of the aleatoric nature…

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