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  • Arsenic And Old Lace Play Analysis

    Individual Diversity Involvement For my Individual Diversity Involvement assignment, I decided to see Arsenic and Old Lace at the Troy Civic Theater. The theater, run by the public, is a great example of a community coming together for entertainment and socialization. The performers ranged from a young age of nineteen to, what I venture to guess, around seventy-five. The show was the first play of their 50th season, and was chosen along with the other plays and musicals that will be shown…

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  • Oral Storytelling Workshop During The Fall For The Book Festival

    On September 27, 2016, two women from Better Said Than Done, Jessica Robinson and Mary Foxworth, hosted an Oral Storytelling Workshop during the Fall for The Book Festival. Their purpose was to help their audience “hone [their] own storytelling techniques and build… confidence [in] presenting [their] own tale in front of a crowd”. Although the workshop failed to meet the goals stated in the Fall for Books summary, it was still a successful performance because Foxworth and Robinson used the…

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  • Hunchback Of Notre Dame Analysis

    Reflection On march 10 in the PAC, at 7:00, I had the opportunity to be able to go and see The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was a wonderful paly production, with some raunchy scenes, but, it was a very well orchestrated play, with well casted people and had very smooth transitions even though there wasn’t a curtain. The cast was huge, so great was need for voices that they had to hire a local choir to sing with them. The first scene is when you see the choir coming to and sing and take their…

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  • Research Paper On Meeta Pandit

    interactions allowed me to draw connections and dive deeper into Pandit’s culture without having prior knowledge of it. In addition, Through the observation of Meeta Pandit’s musical perfomanrce I concluded that in my pespectiv ehisutani clascialmusic is an art form that is aimed in terms of musical pcomparehension, a way of teachning through…

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  • Artistic Signing Summary

    Artistic signing is the use of American Sign Language (A.S.L.) to interpret the Arts, such as music, theater,visual arts and so on for all mediums. In the case of music, if deaf people are in the audience, then the interpreter can help them by signing the lyrics. That way they can provide a better experience for them. Ms. Parker, a Texas native, and members of her Austin-based company, LotuSIGN, had interpreted more than 20 bands’ sets for deaf and hard of hearing festival attendees that…

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  • Difference Between Greek And Elizabethan Theatre

    Over the centuries, theatre conventions evolved from the highly presentational performances of the Greeks to the extravagance of Elizabethan productions and eventually conglomerated to produce contemporary theatre. The University Playhouse’s performance of Acting: The First Six Lessons expressed this conglomeration of Greek and Elizabethan conventions through elements of presentational theatre, a non-localized set, and a supporting cast that functioned similar to a chorus or ensemble. This…

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  • Essay On The Phantom Of The Opera

    The Lubbock Moonlight Musicals in partnership with Texas Tech’s School of Music definitely did not disappoint with their amazing performance of Phantom of the Opera. This is one of the most well know and classical musicals but doesn’t fit into any specific category. It is not exactly classic musical theatre due to the music being for classically trained singers, but it is not exactly an opera either because it has dialogue while an opera is traditionally completely sung. This makes for a…

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  • Mariner Performance Analysis

    Part 1: Performance Description and Analysis The mariner, the navigator, the sailor, or the pirate? The performer identified himself as all of these depending on the situations during a particular time in the performance. One event that sticks with me the most, one that the entire performance was rooted in, was the killing of the albatross. The mariner made friends with the albatross before, one day, losing it and killing it with his bow and arrow. This shaped the rest of the…

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  • Tamingo Analysis

    The thundering sounds of applause by the audience pulled me back into reality. Closing my eyes, all the characters and scenes of the magic flute flashed back into my mind. The courageous Tamino, the beautiful yet flexuous Pamina, the hilarious Papageno, the righteous Sarastro, and the selfish queen of the night, all of their songs, their emotions, and their performances carved deeply in my mind. Composed by one of the greatest musical genius – Mozart, the magic flute stands to be one of the most…

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  • Posner's 3 Stage Model Analysis

    and make adjustments without any need of guidance. Often a performer is able to concentrate on other detail surrounding him or her which are non-related to the movement being performed. The learning who was learning how to throw is successfully performing the skill at a higher level. Instead of throwing faster and further, the learner is able to throw more accurate due to biomechanical improvement incorporated into their performance. Fitts and Posner models do not include a set time table which…

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