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  • The Perfect Life And The American Dream

    Almost ninety percent of the people that don 't continue with their education drop off, not only because they don 't like school, but, the reason why they don 't continue with their education is due to the fact that they can’t afford the tuition and fees or high school students are afraid of debts. Some of our parents would do anything to make there’s sons have a better life, they work so tough that they sometimes leave their country so they could…

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  • The Case Against High School Sports Analysis

    Companions In “The Case Against High-School Sports”, author Amanda Ripley argues that public high schools are spending too much on their sports programs at the expense of academics. While athletic programs can be costly, they pay back what they cost in their benefits to the school and the students. A school without its sports teams is a very dreary place. High schools should keep their athletic programs because of what they bring to the school and the students. Good sports…

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  • Stress In Sports

    Going through high school has many difficulties and can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Adding a sport to you plate at this most crucial time could possibly make things ten times harder. You have numerous activities in high school ranging from clubs, teams, services, and certain small groups. Going through one of those activities can help you grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. A well known sport in high is is basketball. Many kids around the globe have their ups and…

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  • Drug Testing In High School Athletes Essay

    High School athletes having drug tests Having drug tests can change the lives of millions of high school athletes by making sure they don 't have an advantage in the game and mainly getting hurt. High school athletes having drug tests would help change schools by how the drug use for athletes will decrease and grades get higher. This would make sure athletes not have an unfair advantage in the game which can cause a risk of injury. Also can cause some major health problems. High school…

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  • The Importance Of A College Degree

    Colleges have been deemed institutions for high learning that value the students and their educations. In recent years colleges have completely disregarded the once high value of education. By doing so students are no longer students but walking cash cow that business like colleges can easy pounce on. As seen with almost all colleges and postsecondary education…

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  • My Belief Is The Key To Having A Better Life

    exam in the whole world. So in China if you want to go abroad, especially America, and get better education, you will need to take this exam. In this case, I started to study the TOEFL when I was in high school. At first I thought it would be very easy since my English grades are always good in school. However…

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  • Tour Of Duty Essay

    higher education finding a high paying job is becoming harder and harder. An alternative to contemporary methods of paying is presented in “A ‘Tour of Duty’ Before College Would Serve Students and the Nation.” By Sheila Suess Kennedy and Matt Impink involving a one-year “tour of duty” in which high school graduates will be payed minimum wage during their tour of duty and receive stipends sufficient to pay tuition, room, and board for two years at a public college or trade school. This article…

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  • Precious Knowledge Reflection

    left class, Angylyne and I discussed the documentary, Precious Knowledge, all the way to the Armitage el stop where we parted ways. It was hard to believe that the education board of Arizona had such a problem with the Latin Studies Program. In high school, I took both AP US History and AP European History. In both of these courses, we learned about radical thinkers and doers and people who decided to revolt against the status quo. Both of these courses are fine for students to learn, it’s fine…

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  • Technology And Blended Learning

    org apporximetly 160,000 teenagers skip school everyday due to bullying. When students are not in school they are missing valuable information that will help them succeed in their classes and in life. In the United States children of school age have been diagnosed with cancer and are receiving treatments that don’t allow them to leave their homes or their treatment centers. When able to use online materials either from their district’s school or online school they still have the ability to…

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  • My Freshman Year Of High School

    When I first began my college search my freshman year of high school I knew exactly where I wanted to go; Purdue University. There was not the smallest shadow of doubt in my mind that I would one day be a Boilermaker. By the end of my freshman year of high school I had visited the campus multiple times and had stayed one week for a 4H conference and another week for Purdue’s swim camp. I was aware of Purdue’s well-known veterinary medicine and engineering programs. I figured since I wasn’t very…

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