Examples Of American Deception

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The American Deception

America, the land of opportunity, where dreamers live and freedom appears to burst from the seams. The United States has welcomed millions of immigrants over the centuries. These immigrants, and citizens alike, have one goal, to achieve the American Dream. Of course, each individual has their own ideal ‘American Dream’ but it can roughly be defined as “working hard to be able to get ahead.” The opportunities available to accomplish the American Dream vary from person to person, some are able to reach their goal while others are left with only a dream. Now, it seems that the United States has left everyone to fend for themselves, America no longer provides access to the American Dream.
Since the beginning, Americans
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That statistic only applies to the people who report being unemployed, the real unemployment rate is around fifteen percent. The United States prides itself in being one of the greatest countries in the world. Everyone wants to become better than they are and have more than they have. Working in the United States is difficult, minimum wage limits the amount of happiness a person can have. Although money cannot buy happiness, human beings need certain things to be emotionally and physically stable. Things that would constitute and lead someone to be happy are food, a place to live and the sense of freedom. To have those things, would imply that someone has money to pay for food, to pay for their home, and to pay for the chance to travel or enjoy things which cost money; just like author Dana Gioia said, money “holds heads above water, makes both ends meet.” Minimum wage paying jobs also don 't provide many of the benefits that many would consider necessary. Usually, minimum wage jobs do not offer health insurance or stability. The jobs that do offer more benefits to its employees typically require a college or postgraduate education. Since a vast majority of the population isn’t able to attend college, they will never be able to attain a moderate paying …show more content…
People from all over the world emigrate from their home country to come to the United States in search of the American Dream. They leave all of their family and belongings hoping to find a better job. They search for something that will sustain them and put them on the road to the “American Dream.” The jobs that are offered to a person that does not have an education generally do not pay a sufficient wage, and that is the case for a lot of immigrants in the country. The minimum wage in some states is less than eight dollars an hour, a the person working at a job with an extremely low wage can barely afford to pay their rent. How can they dream of being something more than a worker all their life? The children countless immigrants want to acquire higher education after high school and secure a stable career, but their parents are not able to afford college. The Dreamers have been given an opportunity to stay in the United States through President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but if they do not have the money for tuition costs it’s the same as if they didn 't have the opportunity to go to college and therefore they will not actualize their dream (Homeland

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