Essay On Upward Social Mobility

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Is the American Dream Feasible?
The American Dream is the belief that prosperity and success are available to all Americans who work hard and are self-determined. Most Americans define the American Dream as earning a college degree, having an advanced job, taking vacations, owning their own home, and experiencing upward social mobility. Upward social mobility is referred to as the movement up the social class ladder. Some Americans argue that the American Dream is no longer reachable while others argue that anyone can experience social mobility and achieve the American Dream. I believe that as long as an individual has the motivation, self-determination, and a college degree, all Americans can achieve the American Dream and experience upward social mobility.
In order to achieve the American Dream, you must be dedicated and have the passion to thrive and prosper. It takes hard work, time and effort, and can be challenging at times however, it can achieved. Some may argue that with our economy as
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Besides the Americans that are disabled and have a valid health condition which restrict them from being employed, every human being has the opportunity to experience social class mobility. Within our population, 35.4% of Americans are on welfare. These Americans for the most part are capable of achieving the dream by getting an education and building a career path. There are many jobs that Americans can apply for and there is also education opportunities for those who desire to attend. There are many Americans that are too comfortable with being supported by welfare and complain that the American Dream is not possible. The American Dream is very possible, however it takes motivation and the effort in order for it to be achieved. Some Americans rely on the government to assist them, and continue to complain that it is not enough but don’t take action to build a career path for themselves and experience social

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