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  • The Importance Of Concussions In Professional Sports

    Professional sports to middle school athletics you will find Thousands of reports of concussions. Sports are only small part of it. Many reports also come from bicycle accidents, car accidents, and falls. The increase of concussion reports have raised 15% annually, tons of research is being done to help prevent this injury from happening but the brain is a very hard thing to protect when it comes to hard contact. “CTE or Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a very rare condition was…

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  • College Education

    There are several benefits of receiving an education after completing high school. One of the clear benefits is the career options and job security that comes with a collegiate degree. Statistics show that another large impact of a degree is the substantial increase of pay and benefits. Lastly, the personal growth obtained in the process of getting a degree is an essential to becoming a well rounded individual. The benefits of receiving a college education outweigh the cons with numerous reasons…

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  • Marching Band Benefits

    available musician occupations in the United States (“Musicians and Singers”). Meanwhile, there are about 35,000 high schools in the country with bands ranging from 20 to 400 members (“High School”). This difference in numbers does not constitute the amount of musicians there are in the nation, let alone the world. Many musically inclined individuals begin to prosper in high school band, which then leads to the overall passion for music. Aside from this passion, being involved in such…

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  • In Cold Blood Literary Analysis

    one high school in Savannah, Georgia. In 1999 community protests began at Windsor Forest High School, when a parent complained about various aspects of In Cold Blood, especially the violence. The parent’s child was part of an Advanced Placement English class. Upset guardians and parents argued that the book was too violent for the young audience (Doyle 76). That high school in Georgia was not the only one to have members against the story. Farther west in California, Glendale Unified School…

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  • Calamity And Steelheart Plot Analysis

    The two stories by Brandon Sanderson, Calamity, and Steelheart, both deal with power and its control over people and their lives. Even though they are written by the same author, they still handle and use this in different ways to help support the deeper meanings and show a life lesson that can be used every single day for a person of any age. Calamity, the last book in the series but also the best at helping the theme and claim, has a lot of hidden meaning behind the pages. One example of this…

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  • Personal Narrative: Samuel Hearing God's Voice

    In reflection, I was always aware of my calling, but never quite certain of it. I constantly questioned everything about it. I could not understand why I was chosen or if I possessed the necessary skills to be successful. Recently, I began working with a religious scholar who, in addition to agreeing to serve as a spiritual mentor, assisted me with identifying religious figures whose experiences paralleled mine in one way or another. The individuals included Samuel, Moses, and Timothy. The…

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  • Narrative Essay On Moving Away

    father was moving two hours away for work, and at the time I didn’t know how long he would be away. I had to adjust and learn to live alone, including being by myself during the night. This also included me having to learn to drive and take care of my school responsibilities by myself. This point when my father moved out was a pivotal moment in my life, this is when I was forced to live alone with my mother, which in turn made me the mature person that I am today. Three years after he moved…

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  • Corn Maze Poem Analysis

    Corn mazes are huge, sometimes extravagant, mazes made out of corn where children and children at heart find amusement in making wrong turns and getting lost looking for the end. David Barber uses a corn maze to show that in life everything we do, whether a positive or a negative impact, is an experience. Experiences form the basis of all types of human relationships (Volkmer). Barber uses paradoxes, an extended metaphor, and diction to portray the idea that the experiences in life impact one…

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  • Youth Sports Should Be Banned Essay

    should be able to be able to play a sport when ever they want and they should feel free to playing sports on a team.Kids should be able to play sports because, It keeps them healthy and active and it gives kids a motivation to get higher grades in school and sports teach kids life lessons. My first reason why kids should be able to play sports is It keeps them healthy and active.The article, NO! Sports Are More Important Than Ever states “But it's not just about grades. Time spent on the field…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Permaculture

    Social Justice: As we have seen thus far, permaculture knows no class and is best suited in its nature to areas with more problems. It can provide jobs for people who have not been included or considered in the job discussion. It can be a safe place for children or grown ups in rough neighborhoods, and it is a great way to get teenagers involved. There is a woman named Pandora Thomas who works with people reentering the community after incarceration. She applies the first rule of permaculture…

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