Respect Me Essay

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I am from a different country, so I am from a very different culture. I saw different things and my life was influenced by different factors than other kids from the United States. I am from the capital city, Prague, and I am from economically stable family. I believe that every person is unique and there is no person same as other and we have to respect that. I totally respect other people 's ideas, however, I disagree with them too. My life is mostly influenced by school, soccer, and my family. It made me who I am right now. School has a very big impact on my life,however the education system in the Czech Republic is different. There were about 30 kids in my class and we spend the school years together. I made most of my friends in one particular class and they influenced me the most. They taught me how to enjoy and have fun even in the school, and also, study the material.
Likewise, teachers were important for me and helped me go through the high school years. They did not just teach me in the class, but also outside. They showed me how to respect other people and how only a small event can change everything. Lastly, the high educational level of my school helped me to be where I am right now. I had to
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Two sisters sing about superiority of white people. I have never imagined that there could be little girls singing about killing other races in the world. However, this is not the whole story. They were controlled by their mother and grandfather and isolated from the society their whole life. They have both taught them about the extermination of other races since they were babies and the girls did not even go to ordinary school. They were home-schooled. In the end, both of the girls changed and attended public school. We learned how big the influence of a family is and not to judge people 's beliefs, because they might not studied or heard about the other

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