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  • The Pros And Cons Of Online Learning

    As technology is advancing more high school students have turned to online learning to receive their high school diploma. “Data suggest that in about six years 10% of all courses will be computer based, and by 2019 about 50% of courses will be delivered online” (International). Not only are families of students turning to online learning, but schools are now requiring online courses in their curriculum. Does online learning properly prepare high school students for college and/or a career? Is…

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  • Analysis Of College Pressures By William Zinsser

    I believe that all the pressures still exist in the college world today, if not more. I 've been in school for so long now and I know that most of the pressures Zinsser talks about I 've experienced myself. He gives multiple examples of students with different stresses and I think he’s writing about my life. Zinsser talks about how students want a career…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Tim Tebow Bill

    “Tim Tebow Bill” on the high school sports landscape. I. Paying Taxes Entitles Children to Play High School Sports In the United States funding for public schools is tied to property taxes, meaning a family that chooses to homeschool their children is still paying to fund the public school in their area. Because of this some parents feel that “paying property taxes should allow them access to the interscholastic…

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  • Plagiarism Reflection

    Studying all day and all night, having massive amounts of stress, and not being able to refrain the information of an enormous semester long course. These are all emotions and fears that are brought to mind whenever somebody mentions the words “college course.” My first thought with ENC 1101 was, “oh my God how am I going to accomplish all of these essays and MindTap exercises? I am going to fail this class and not be able to remember what I learned by the end! I’m doomed!” Luckily, I had the…

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  • Self-Brown And Mathews's Effect On Classroom Structures

    II, was published in The Journal of Educational Research in 2003. In the study, Self-Brown and Mathews wanted to study the effect of how three different types of classroom structures affect the goals that students set for themselves. In today’s schools students consistently show a lack of motivation. They take for granted the educational opportunity that is in front of them. Students frequently do what is necessary for a traditional grade instead of showing a desire to learn and grow as a…

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  • A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give By Dennis Prager Analysis

    Prager’s article “A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give” states all the necessities of how school should be a strictly based area. His aversion for the obliteration of the programs, clubs, and classes at school may be convenient for him, but him against the whole world, it’s at odds. The concepts and ideas that he wants to implement is ludicrous and non applicable in the real world. It’s an actual mess and a half. During high school, that is the pivotal point for the…

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  • My Community Essay Examples

    and was in high production up until the 1980s. This was a working class suburb but as the economy changed so did the racial/ethnic diversity because of the significant increases in Hispanic families moving in due to the economic gap left behind. Now the area is now known as the…

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  • Analysis Of William Glasser: Discipline Guided By Choice Theory

    the University of Akron focusing on the content area of integrated mathematics. As a classroom manager, I want to direct my students down the path way of learning while also allowing them to feel as if they are in control of their education. Many high school students will be continuing onto college and need to understand the importance of taking charge of their own education. This lesson is also relevant to my students who will not being continuing their education, for they will need to learn…

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  • Should Athletes Get Paid Essay

    will these programs be able to pay their coaches on top of paying their athletes? Well, the answer is pretty simple, they would not be able to. These programs want to stay competitive, which requires getting some of the top coaches in the nation at a high price. Yes, you do not have to get the top coaches, and could leave money for your athletes,…

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  • Influential Factors In Rameck's The Pact

    relationship with his mother went back and forth from pity to anger. At the age of thirteen, Rameck was supporting himself with a barbershop job. When he was frustrated, he would turn to his grandmother who gave him the comfort he needed. In junior high, Rameck started to act in plays and wanted to create a portfolio, which cost a hundred and fifty dollars, to help him land an acting role. His grandmother and aunt gave him money to pursue his interest. Unfortunately, before Rameck could spend…

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