Comprehensive Sex Education In Schools

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Our Educational system, along with politician, have dictated what should and should not be taught in the school system but it time for those ideas to change. This would be done for the betterment of our children. Comprehensive sex education must be taught in junior high school. The students need to be educated on the changes that their bodies are going through and why those changes occur. This knowledge would help them to make the right decisions and learn the consequences of hasty actions. The school can lay the foundation and the parent can choose to go more in-depth or not on this subject. What they would learn in school would be the realistic version not Hollywood’s version. Students need to know more about their bodies and the changes that come as they mature. Students, at this age, think they know everything and they are not always correct in their thinking. With sex education they would learn a lot more about the changes that are occurring with their bodies. They seem to think that (sex) is the “in” thing to do and do not have the knowledge of sexual acts or the consequences. They need to be properly educated on the subject at school and through talking with their parents. This (sex) education process would help them to know all the dangers that could happen to them and to understand …show more content…
With sex education the students would learn the danger of unplanned pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases can be prevented. Parent who believe that their children do not need sex education are living in the ice age. Comprehensive sex education in my opinion should be mandatory in all junior high schools. The majority of parents, elected official, and some churches agreed on this subject that comprehensive sex education should taught in the schools. It is the lack of knowledge that lead our children to make the wrong decisions. Knowledge is power and education is

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