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  • The List By Siobhan Vivian

    Imagine walking into high school and going to the school bulletin board that lists all the events going on during school and after school. But instead, since its homecoming week something else is plastered to the board. On the board is a 9 by 9 piece of paper ready to ruin someones life today. There are only a few words in size 140 font, and these words will make a detrimental impact in one girls life. Imagine walking up the the board and seeing your name in the column “UGLIEST,” and another…

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  • Homework Is Bad Essay

    placed on them by the school system. This stress and other negative effects comes from the amount of homework given to the students. The amount of homework given to students should be decreased, due to the negative effect it is having on students all over the nation. Though to much homework has negative effects, it is still important in the school setting for not only the student…

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  • School Uniforms Friend Or Foe Essay

    School Uniforms: Friend or Foe ? Discussions abound about the direction in which our school systems are leading our children and if they are truly providing what is best for them. Countless debates can be found ranging from what to include in school lunches, to what types of drinks can be found in vending machines, to the variety of extracurricular activities that should be offered, to what books should be taught, to what types of assessments should be used to truly gauge student learning.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Living On Campus Vs Living Off Campus

    Many high school grads are face with many struggles leaving high school. Like where to go college, how will they pay for school, and where to live while there. Most college offer two options to live on campus or off of campus. Some universities have many different types of housing styles. The housing styles range from normal two person dorms to off campus houses. The price of housing can depending on where the students decides to live. When choosing housing students need to look at how college…

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  • Creator Mindset Essay

    creators are two totally different mindsets and can determine how well you do in life. While entering college you may think that it is going to be like high school but with huge parties, well you are mistaken. You have to come into college prepared to work hard for your dreams and goals. You need to have a creator mindset while in college. In high school teachers give you class work to do and take two weeks on one lesson. With college they do not do that at all, you have to be on top of things…

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  • Basketball Personal Statement

    My whole life I grew up playing AAU(Amateur Athletic Union) basketball for a non-profit amateur sports organization based in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. Ever since I watched my sister run up and down the court and put the ball in the hoop every Saturday and show her passion of loving the game, I knew that basketball was for me. I started playing on an actual team…

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  • Essay On Extracurricular Activities

    Dictionary Extracurricular activities is described as “not falling within the scope of a regular curriculum; specifically: of or relating to officially or semi officially approved and usually organized student activities (as athletics) connected with school and usually carrying no academic credit.”…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Textbooks Vs Technology

    lead to full time digital learning for schools. This then leads to the battle if schools will stick with their textbooks and handwritten notes or switch over to ebooks, chromebooks, tablets, etc. They both have plenty of benefits to them. But along with the good points, there tends to be bad ones as well. They both are designed differently and teach in different ways. What students want to know is, which one is better for them? Students in Union High School find it common to use a chromebook…

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  • Alcohol Abuse In The Glass Castle

    since anyone can put an advertisement anywhere you are sure to see one about alcohol and drinking. For example, Budweiser’s commercials are super popular during sports like football, baseball and soccer, these types of company’s usually aim for high school students, college students and adults with their commercials but how they portray it is a different story. According to Worsnop, “Budweiser uses commercials that feature real or cartoon animals, such as Budweiser’s talking frogs, are designed…

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  • Reflective Statement For Secondary School Reports

    SENIOR AUTOBIOGRAPHY The role of your guidance counselor and teachers in preparing “Secondary School Reports” is to provide an overview of your academic and extracurricular achievement, as well as, some sense of your promise for further personal and intellectual growth. We need your help if we are to provide college admissions officers (or people who will be considering you for scholarships) with a clear picture of what makes you, “you.” Please give us an honest evaluation of yourself by…

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