The Main Effect Of FCAT And Its Consequences

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It’s time that we come up with a better plan, a better understanding of things, and an easier way to help out our children. Having them stress so much about one big test and having it to determine if they have a chance to get their diploma or not, it’s not fair at all. It’s time for a change and in fact FCAT is a part of that. The main effect of FCAT is the dropout rate starting to rise which makes it impossible for most kids to graduate, get good grades, attend college, and also cause embarrassment.
Graduation play’s a huge role in most children’s lives, but sometimes it’s hard to reach that goal when it’s hard for the kid’s to focus. Most kids drop out of school not because they want to or they’re forced to, they do it because they feel as if they’re not smart enough
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High school juniors and seniors are asked so much throughout their whole school year what’s there plan once they finish high school. Either they don’t know or most think they don’t have the grades or not smart enough to go off to college. Why is that? It’s all because they haven’t had the chance to pass FCAT and they have this devil in their head wanting them to give up. In our society test score are very important in the college admission process, most kids have not been able to attend college because there test score from FCAT wasn’t high enough which held them back from their diploma. Some student’s come from a poor educational background which they may not have had as much studying tools and help as others.
I know we can make a change and come up with something better for our kids, so they can be more confident when it comes to school. Make it so that they have no worries and won’t have too much on their shoulders to the point they want to give up on school. School is the most important thing every child should attend. The dropout rate in or society have so much to do with FCAT that it’s time for a

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