College Education Advantages

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A person embarks on their journey of education as soon as they leave their mother’s womb. It is the day they connect with the world. At the end of high school and where the journey of college education begins is the day they start to understand the issues of this world. The chances offered at any college leads to a wide range of opportunities. Deciding to go to college puts a person one foot in the right direction and attending college puts their whole body and mind in the right direction. The purpose of a college education is to expand the mind and lead students into a life with less limitations of their choosing. College is the focal point in cultivating and maintaining the interest of students and applying those interests into the real world.
College in the 21st century has become heavily relied on today than 10 years ago. Attending college provides students with the knowledge and experience they are unable to
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However, a college education gives a person a platform domestically and globally to help change the world for the better. A college education is a start and is the best form to learn how to beat oppression, discrimination, sexism, racism, and to gain access to a world with fewer limitations. There is an advantage with a college education behind someone and a necessity for certain dreams and goals to be achieved. For example being a doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, teacher, forensic anthropologist, and etc.
College education’s purpose is to test, probe, mold, push, and build up people 's minds to better who they are so they can help better the world, which comes in many forms. Going to college helps a person become an advocate of what they believe in and what drives them. It helps them understand a world that is foreign. It’s a person 's opportunity to learn what they like, who they can become and how it will apply to the world and their

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