Level Of Nervousness In The Oklahoma Board Of Education

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The state that I was born in has established a process to determine the level of knowledge gained during a school year. The Oklahoma Board of Education has a requirement that every student take standardized tests at the end of each school year. These sets of tests are commonly called “EOI.” EOI stands for End of Instruction test that are supposed to determine the level of knowledge gain on the corresponding academic level on a yearly basis. Also the test is a means for the state to determine if the school’s curriculum is providing the student the required principles and knowledge as directed by the Board of Education. The EOI is the method the state has developed to evaluate the progress of the student, teacher and school.
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As I stated earlier, sweating was very common in the test room. The sweating and the looking around is a sign that the students were extremely nervous. This nervousness is the result of the importance the state put on the EOIs. I believe this nervousness causes students to not score as well as they could if the tests were provided in a more relaxed environment. The knowledge that the results of this one series of tests that covers 5 consecutive days will determine whether or not they would graduate or move onto the next grade creates too much pressure and the student is predestined to not put their best foot forward. A number of students had trouble focusing on the questions during the tests. Students would look around the room, they would become bored or the students’ eyes would become strained from looking at the screen for so long. Students would start to rube or massage their eye lids to see if that would help. If a student did not know the answer to the question they will look around the room to either pounder on an answer or look to see if the person next to them had the correct answer. Lastly, students would have difficulty sitting still during the …show more content…
And the length of test without a major break causes students to get tired over time. Once young students become tired, they gradually start to have that “I do not care” mind set. Which we all know that is a disaster waiting to happen. I know during the test I had trouble sitting still. That was because I was ready for the test to be over because once we were done I could leave. We were all sitting there for several hours and it became very uncomfortable. From what I observed during the test, it is hard for some students to stay focused and not become overwhelmed during these

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