Dropout Rates For Teen Pregnancy

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Description of the Problem: School and family partnerships are lacking in the community to help decrease teenage pregnancy and their dropout rates. With declining adolescent birth rate, according to (Kail & Cavanuagh, 2016) 1 in six young women will become pregnant. (pg. 311). Majority of teen pregnancies will be unintended due to teens using birth control incorrectly. When teens discover the pregnancy; this typically throws young lives into chaos. Forcing the adolescent to make the most painful decision of their life. Should she carry the baby? Or does she end the pregnancy? We hope she knows she has parental support, for guidance to be sure to make a choice. Adolescents sometimes fear rejection or abuse at home. So, most adolescent pregnancies …show more content…
Teen mothers lack the support they need from schools. Which lead to a higher dropout rate among teen parents. School counselors hold some responsibility to provide resources and support to the students and parents. Collaborating with students, parents, teachers, and the community is key. It is important for the school counselor to know possible interventions to support this population of students. In service training for teachers and parents should be provided. So to ensure parents are aware of resources and know how to support their teenager. Having written agreements with agencies across the community will ensure a strong collaboration. This may help reduce stress among the students when it pertains to healthcare, childcare, mental health, etc. It is recommended that our parents get involved in their adolescents’ social life, get to know their child, and talk to them about safe sex. If your child is having sex talk to them about contraception and ways to prevent pregnancy at such a young age. Communicate with your child and if you do not know how, ask someone. School counselor who provide resources will strengthen the community as a whole. Lack of communication and lack of collaboration is the main issue which leads to teen pregnancy which causes a high dropout

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