Mackenzie High School-Personal Narrative

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In the late nineties, I expelled from Mackenzie High School in my senior year. I was a lost soul walking through the streets of Detroit acting giddy, and very ignorant. I went astray to all my goals as the streets had my attention, therefore I was prepared to do any and everything I recognized was wrong. I was discontented and being around an irksome cluster of friends that was nothing but trouble. I would soon find discernment and maturity within myself and create a better way. I currently attend Wayne County Community College in my fifth semester with perchance of obtaining an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information System. The day I strolled into Mackenzie High School in 1993 would alter my life forever. As a freshman at a …show more content…
I changed to an individual of malicious ways and bad choices, yet I was still attending Mackenzie and Crockett but something was different and my teachers knew it. I started to feel awkward in the classroom as if I did not belong there. My new associates were doing things I only dreamed of; therefore, I was wavering between school and friends. I started smoking cigars, and going to skip parties during school hours, I joined a gang and began fighting a lot. We would fight rival gang members, people we did not like, or fight for no apparent reason. I misapplied all that was good in me to the gang, and …show more content…
They would come to me and say why the associating with gang members? Please come back to class Mario, therefore all I could do was drop my head in shame. Because I was walking, down a trail of destruction and could not escape or run from it. I stop going to classes all together, even though I was still in school for the whole day. On the days I did not go to school, I would leave my house in the morning, meet my friends at the bus stop and we would put our money together to buy liquor and other things. With the liquor, we would go to a friends’ house to drink and just sit around idly waiting for school to dismiss. We would go back up to Mackenzie looking for other gang members so we could fight

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