Comparing College And High School

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High school as everyone knows, is popularly known for the annual homecoming, football games, and the magical senior prom. College application due dates are near, and the senior class realizes it’s time to face reality and get serious about their future.
Starting a new chapter and entering a different atmosphere, which every high school senior has to make. Having some kind of support gives a person on how two difference places that we all spend our time at, have a lot of different aspects but still similar outcome in a students’ life and education. The responsibilities as a high school student is all planned out, from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon. Every high school student has to take the basic classes to graduate. Math,
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They both make students study a lot to do well in school to graduate. Every college or high school student has a lot of studying and use most of the study habits from high school and just continue with college. The involvement with the teachers will never change. Absolutely all teachers want to see every high school or college students achieve their goal. The workload for both is pretty much the same, they still have to do a lot of work, and see what he or she can handle as a student. The stress that college and high school brings on a student is difficult to manage. Figuring out classes and how to get homework until the deadline is not fun, but everything gets done in time. Friends come and go, but keeping friends will never change even when they go to college. Talking to a friend is a text away; even if they are far and going to a different college. At the end, every student wants to have a future and have his or her name mean something to the world. High school is then and college is now. That then was then and now every college students are in the present. Going through fun times in high school and getting serious for college is all about life and getting to experience what growing up feels like. The differences prepare high school students to see what college is, and what it is all about. The similarities are parts to keep the high school feeling alive and that it is all the same, and a little change is for the

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