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  • Argumentative Essay On Lethal Injections

    The topic I chose to do research on for the brochure and the position paper was the controversial issue of lethal injections; if it goes against the Constitution or not. The most interesting thing I have learned throughout my research is that one of the drugs used in the lethal injection, sodium thiopental, is commonly used for general surgery. It puts the prisoner into a medically induced coma. The two other drugs used are pancuronium bromide and potassium bromide. Pancuronium bromide stops neuromuscular activity to skeletal muscles which enables movement. Potassium bromide stops the heart, which ends the prisoner’s life. By researching this topic often, I have learned that this method of execution is the most safe and effective way. Its cost…

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  • Medication Errors In Research

    medication error. The article I found is about a nurse in Florida who gave a pyraletic instead of an antacid to a patient, which resulted in the death of the client. Richard Smith, a 79-year-old male patient, had been admitted to the ICU after experiencing severe shortness of breath during a dialysis session. The next day, he was experiecing an upset stomach, so his doctor prescribed an antacid. Instead of administering an antacid to the patient, the nurse gave Smith pancuronium. Panuronium…

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  • Physician Participation In Capital Punishment

    concern over the drug or drugs used for lethal injection. In some states there is a three-drug cocktail; sodium thiopental as an anesthetic, pancuronium bromide as a paralytic and potassium chloride to stop the heart. Now I argue, if lethal injection is a humane way to die as some argue and according to the Supreme Court is not cruel and unusual punishment, why is a paralytic used? My answer is that by using pancuronium bromide the state attempts to mask the true humaneness of lethal injection.…

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  • Mr. Baze Case Study

    required that lethal injection must not inflict unnecessary pain. Mr. Baze and Mr. Bowling stated that the lethal chemicals Kentucky used to carry an unnecessary risk of inflicting pain during the execution. (Cornell University Law School). Mr. Baze and Mr. Bowling resource and challenge of the government sparked national news because of the used for lethal injections in Kentucky was the same one that virtually all states used for lethal injection. Lethal injection is used for capital…

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  • America Death Penalty

    question would be is this factual? There have been not been any said cases that proves this theory in decades. An additional reason, that voters are losing the love for the needle is that it is more costly to end someone’s life in this manner. The execution is not necessarily that expensive. While it is more costly to house an inmate on death row, due to having his/her own cell, meals are delivered to them, and it takes more than one guard to assist with visitors with death row inmates. To all…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Lethal Injections

    electric chair, gas chambers, hanging, or firing squad. There will always talk about whether the process is unconstitutional or not; everyone is entitled to their own opinion so no matter what the federal government rules lethal injections as, there will always be someone that isn’t happy about that outcome. One of the most arguable issues is the protocol and the three drugs administered. The drugs used are mimicked off of anesthetic drugs used for general surgery: sodium thiopental,…

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  • Death Penalty Essay: The Banning Of Capital Punishment

    always go according to routine. Race can also play a role in who is sentenced to death. As well, the death penalty is harmful to correctional officers, wardens, corrections commissioners, and attorneys as it puts them into situations that are harmful to their mental health. In the United States, there are five different methods of execution for capital punishment: lethal injection, electrocution (electric chair), lethal gas (gas chamber), firing squad, and hanging. The most common technique…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Dead Man Walking

    the brain turns off forever, although this morbid scenario may seem ludicrously brutal, this form of governmental punishment, essentially, still exists today. Although many people think advancements in technology have led capital punishment to becoming more “humane”, its underlying definition is still the same. Since 1976 capital punishment has been taken from beatings and electric chairs to lethal injection. There are three different series of injections that must be followed in lethal…

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  • Against Capital Punishment Essay

    who are allowed to be present include the family of the person being executed (Capital Punishment). According to the article titled “Should capital punishment be allowed in the United States?”, methods of capital punishment include lethal injection, electrocution, poisonous gas exposure, hanging, and the firing squad. Since 1976 more than 85% of executions have been carried out by lethal injections. Before the lethal injection, the main form of capital punishment was hanging (Lethal…

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  • Moral Justification Of The Death Penalty

    A dingy, unshaven old man is strapped to a gouney. Two long tubes extend from veins in his arms to a hole in the cement wall behind him. A man behind the cement wall pumps a saline solution through the tube, followed by sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide, and finally potassium chloride. An audience watches as the liquids are pumped through the tube, witnessing the man strapped to the gurney take his last breath. A cold-blooded killer dies (“Descriptions of Execution Methods”). Though lethal…

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