Mr. Baze Case Study

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Ralph Baze, Jr. was convicted of the 1992 murders of Sheriff Steven Bennett and Deputy Sheriff Arthur Briscoe, whom he shot in the back when they attempted to arrest him pursuant to an outstanding Ohio multiple-felony arrest warrant. (Murderpedia). Thomas Bowling, Jr. was convicted of shooting and killing husband Mr. Eddie Early and his wife Mrs. Tina Early on the morning of April 9, 1990 while sitting in their car before opening their family-owned dry cleaning business; their 2-year-old child was wounded. (Murderpedia). Mr. Baze and Mr. Bowling was both convicted and sentenced to death in the Kentucky State Department of Correction. Mr. Baze and Mr. Bowling both argued and sued the Kentucky State Department of Correction that executing them by lethal injection would violate the Eighth Amendment prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. Now the government argued legal standard required that lethal injection must not inflict unnecessary pain. Mr. Baze and Mr. Bowling stated that the lethal chemicals Kentucky used to carry an unnecessary risk of inflicting pain during the execution. (Cornell University Law School). Mr. Baze and Mr. Bowling resource and challenge of the government sparked national news because of the used for lethal injections in Kentucky was the same one that virtually all states used for lethal injection. …show more content…
Baze and Mr. Bowling stated under the Eighth Amendment within the United State of America Constitution no prisoners shall not suffer cruel and unusual punishment while incarcerated or being put to death because there are on death row. The Eighth Amendment speaks on the topic; bail, cruel and unusual punishment. By Mr. Baze and Mr. Bowling battles the government on the subject lethal injection the Supreme Court hearing had to granted pending appeal on the situation. Now, inmates who are on death row and schedule to be put to death by lethal injection are battling the government on the subject lethal injection,

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