Electric Chair Essay

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The death penalty has been in the United States since the first settlements were built. In that time an estimated 16,000 criminals have been put to death since the first recorded execution, back in 1608 (Ford). A amount of those criminals had killed at least one person, and good portion of them would not stop killing until they were stopped. Luckily, the criminals that were planning on never stopping, or were not able to stop, were caught and brought to justice. When the criminal is convicted, the family can feel some measure of relief about what has happened and that justice has been served knowing the criminal is off the streets. They deserve to feel some relief and a good measure of hope after all the pain they have felt. They had someone …show more content…
The electric chair has been continued to be in use since then up to the present day. “The electric chair was first made as a method to carry out the death penalty in Ohio in 1896 ... Today Nebraska is the only state that requires death by electrocution. Adopted in 1913, the electric chair has been used 15 times for the state, most recently in 1997” (Delfino and Day 16). The electric chair works a bit similar to when static shock occurs, but it is much more powerful. “The passage of the current from the machines through the human body, even by slightest contact produces instantaneous death ... From then on the electrodes would always be placed on the lower leg and the crown of the head [they had tried to see if running the shock through the arms and torso instead of the whole body, it did not work.]” (Galvin 19 and 71). The electrodes are placed on the calf, lower leg, and the crown of the head. Between the skin and electrodes there is a wet sea sponge to ensure that the condemned does not become lit like a match, the sponge can not be fake because those will catch fire. Since the electrodes are placed at opposite ends of the human body it ensures that the electrical current goes through the entire body while hitting every major point in the body. That way it ensures that the condemned is put to

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