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  • The Jesus Question By Judith Plaskow Summary

    There are various symbols for religious imagination and its not common to re-imagine or re-symbolize the traditional concept of God; but its good to try and see God from other peoples points of view, to have an open mind about the understanding of God. Author, Judith Plaskow argues in her story, "Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective" about the images and numerous metaphors of God. "If identifying God with a particular set of metaphors both limits God and supports a community in which some people have more values than others..." Page 337.She states that most people limit God with the same images and metaphors constantly used, and that changing the variety will result in helping us see God in numerous other ways. People should imagine God in their own way, through their own experiences so they imagine and see God truly.Plaskow believes that the natural imagery and our elements abounding us such as: Earth, ocean, stars, air, sky, moon, flower, and trees are important in a culture that has been destroying the world. Changes of structure can contribute to a new understanding of God, the images that were given to us have a power of shaping our conceptions of God. There are images of God as a "lover" and "friend", and would only be open to seeing God as a friend, though they’ve been taken over by "father" and "king". "The image of God as friend points to a common vision or commitment that brings friends together and that both united them and turns them to…

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  • Reflective Essay About God

    The word of god says if you had heeded my commands, then you peace would flow like a river. He also states happy are ye that keep my commands. The essence of these words are simply foolishness to the unconverted heart. For those however; who have tasted and seen that god is good it is life unto them. There was a time in my life when i bought into the lies of the enemy. I saw god as being restrictive, his laws too rigid, and his entire government as a fun buster. I thought maybe that god…

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  • Job's Summary: Enemy

    faith was of a magnitude that he wrapped his mind at least partially around the divine Warrior and Enemy also being the perfect divine Advocate and Intercessor. This was one more step in peeling back the layers of Job’s faith. His unshakeable confidence in God’s absolute sovereignty undergirded each succeeding declaration in its context. For the past three chapters, Job’s thinking was in the judicial framework. He was about to add another dimension. Sidebar - Is this the end of the discussion?…

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