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  • Theism And Panentheism

    Theism, God and the Bible: How It All Fits A quick search on the terms theology and theism show a large number of differing definitions and views. There are many other “isms” found alongside theism. Google found terms such as classical theism, open theism, monotheism, process theism, pantheism, and panentheism, along with several others. It does not take long to discover there are many different theories and beliefs involving God. Theism is the belief of the God of the Bible or “belief in the existence of one God viewed as the creative source of the human race and the world who transcends yet is immanent in the world” (Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, n.d.). Christians, especially in today’s modern world full of competing views, must understand…

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  • Analysis Of Wickedness By Elihu

    wickedness” (35:15). Elihu was determined to declare God entirely just (34:10-12) and defend Him (36:2) while twisting Job’s words. In sum, Elihu did sort through and augment the growing legal tangle, but his additions were not helpful. Cajoler Elihu was also bent on getting Job to reconsider and he explored new territory in the process. Early in his first speech, he shifted gears temporarily away from Job’s presumed declarations of innocence. Instead, acknowledging the great gulf between God as…

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  • Hindu Festival Essay

    Tonight I went to my last visit. I went to Hindu Temple, called the Vedic Cultural Society. As soon as you walk into the Temple you must take off your shoes, then go to the main room. There is a stage to your right with all of the Gods in booths. Tonight was special because the Hindu 's we 're honoring the Puja.The Puja is an act of worshiping a god with prayers, songs and rituals. The main part of the Puja for the Hindu people is to make a spiritual connection with the divine. I went with…

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  • Process Theology In The Bible

    I am God, and there is no one like Me, Declaring the end from the beginning, (Isaiah 46:9c-10a NASB) Is the God of Process Theology the God of the Bible? This question will be answered in this essay. The God of Scriptures is sovereign (1 Tim. 6:15), immutable (Mal. 3:6), infinite (Jer. 10:10), perfect (Mat. 5:48), and prophetic (Is. 14:24). However, the God of Whitehead’s Process Theology is a source of meaning and reason; it changes and is changed, it is everlasting but imperfect and does not…

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  • Divine Transcendence And Divine Imanence

    The co-authors of 20th Century Theology, Stanley Grentz & Roger Olson developed in the contemporary age and how they saw the divine transcendence and divine immanence, from the Evangelical point of view. Evangelical theology has had some rough road it had to stay balance accordingly to, the divine transcendence and divine immanence of its biblical truth. The authors are thinkers of the twentieth century the task of the magnitude of how theology has become a voice of the transcendence…

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  • Comparing Bhagavad Gita And St. Teresa

    In many different religious texts, there are many similarities and difference; if you closely examine each of the texts. The same is true of both the Bhagavad Gita and The Raptures of St. Teresa. While examining these two texts, it is obvious that the experiences that were described were both religious and instructional. In the case of Teresa, she goes on and on about the vision that God grants her and how they have helped to shape her life. “These refer to all visions [of life].” The simple and…

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  • Summary Of L. Russ Bush's The Advancement

    religious studies. In this chapter, he also explains the role that the uniformitarianism of Charles Lyell and The Origin of Species played in moving the Advancement mentality forward. In chapter 3, Bush explains the theory of knowledge and how it relates to the Advancement. With the Advancement, as Bush contends, there has been a loss of truth and freedom. Bush asserts, “As a result [of the Advancement worldview], there could be no absolute truth.” He goes on to state, “One who is controlled…

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  • Calvary: Movie Analysis

    proposition to Father James’ church. The viewer can hear his cry for “spiritual revelation” as he pisses on the expensive drawing in front of Father James. Fiona and the unnamed old writer seeks transcendence in death, accordingly are haunted by a suicidal desire. Veronica and Simon try to transcend the loss of self-esteem through their enjoyment of casual sexual pleasure. Freddie, the serial murderer, desperately seeks God’s forgiveness of his crime, and longs for a genuine love without hurting…

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  • Existence Of God Or Better, Who Is God?

    throughout the history, in the natural absence of the clear consensus on Existence of God and character of God, various concepts have emerged among Terrestrial Humans. To some is heart lifting to worship the Superior Being and to others is natural to reject any belief in the Existence of deities or God. Theistic concept considers God who created and sustains everything as omnipotent and eternal and at the same time transcendent and imminent – in other words, infinite and present in every day’s…

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  • Richard The Second Body Analysis

    According to the category of “Pantheism”, the world consists of one unit which is equivalent to God, and everything else that exists either on a tangible level or on an intangible level, is part of God. Trying to define the king in this category is specious, since Pantheism does not seem to identify the king as more divine than anyone or anything else that exists within the unit of God. Looking at the second category, “Panentheism”, the world consists of one unit which is equivalent to God as…

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