Hindu Festival Essay

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Tonight I went to my last visit. I went to Hindu Temple, called the Vedic Cultural Society. As soon as you walk into the Temple you must take off your shoes, then go to the main room. There is a stage to your right with all of the Gods in booths. Tonight was special because the Hindu 's we 're honoring the Puja.The Puja is an act of worshiping a god with prayers, songs and rituals. The main part of the Puja for the Hindu people is to make a spiritual connection with the divine.
I went with pretty much our entire class, and another world religions class was their. They told us that the people have been preparing for this day for 131 days. We all sat in the back an observed. Some Hindu people sat in the front on pillows in a square. This Special event was to celebrate offerings to the gods. The women went up to the stage where all the statues of the gods were lined up and put an offering in front of them.
Following this tradition there was an explanation of the Gods. They said that God is only one, there is only one God. The God
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It was because it was New years day tomorrow in India. He said that It was a lucky day this day. This has been 131 years in the making for this day, that the people have been waiting.
I was very honored that I got to witness this special Hindu tradition. It was a great experience and everyone was very welcoming towards me and our class. I will never forget it and I 'm so glad I attended this particular Hindu service. I understood the reasons why they did the things. It made me more respectful towards them because they explained what they did as they were doing them. It made me want to travel to their homeland and experience it how they do it here vs the United States. But, it 's good that they can practice it far from home. Great visit and a truly rewarding experience.
Below is a picture of a souvenir book we received from the Vedic Cultural

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