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  • Carbon Dioxide Concentration Essay

    Carbon dioxide concentration was measured at various air sampling sites representing different kinds of land use pattern in Pantnagar and surrounding areas. Based on the observation taken during October 2008 to April 2009, during most of the sampling weeks, vehicular site (Rudrapur bus station) witnessed the highest CO2 concentration (381.61 ppmv) followed by the industrial site (373.59 ppmv) At Livestock and residential sites, the average CO2 concentration was found to be 366.87 and 366.66 ppmv, respectively. On diurnal basis, lowest CO2 concentration was observed in afternoon hours. Key words: carbon dioxide concentration, vehicular, industrial, residential, livestock 1-Introduction Climate change arising due to the increasing concentration of various greenhouse gases of anthropogenic origin has emerged as a serious global environmental concern and posses a threat and challenge to mankind. Carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas present in the atmosphere. The global warming due to infra red active gases like O3, CFCs, CH4, N2O etc. is collectively as much as that due to CO2 alone (Jain et al.1). Accurate knowledge of the behaviour of its concentrations is thus vital to establish its effect on living beings. From…

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  • Udham Singh Nagar Case Study

    It should be noted that according to the state policy Industrial growth helps in the cost-efficient mechanisation of agriculture and food processing. In numerous states industrialization through Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and technology/industrial parks is considered to be effective ways to grow the industry. It allows for special incentives and provisioning of adequate transport and communication facilities. Uttarakhand has already planned one SEZ at Pantnagar and two integrated industrial…

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  • Roquette Essay

    the market of paper and board quite competitive. Clearly, to make a mark and grow, Roquette India has to outcome its competitors on the basis of ‘quality’ than quantity produced. Hence, the Group has an advantage of already establishing a world-class reputation for its quality, though, depending upon the customer’s requirements and applications. Also, recently a lot of customer problems have emerged which has made quality a very serious and important issue for the Group. 2.2.1 Corrugated Board…

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  • Alternaria Brassicae Research Paper

    BAB-02 NBAIMCC-F-02600 Jammu , J & K 32° 44' N, 74° 54' E B. napus BAB-04 Kamrup, Assam 25074’N,93085’E BAB-05 Mau, Up B. juncea BAB-06 Golaghat,Assam 22°7’ N, 92°6’ E B. juncea BAB-07 Raita, Dausa, Rajsathan B. juncea BAB-08 Dhamsya,Jaipur,Raj 26°88’ N, 76°15’ E B. juncea BAB-09 Pantnagar, Utrakhand B. juncea BAB-12 NBAIMCC-F-02605 Jagadhary, Haryana 30°17’ N, 77°30’ E B. juncea BAB-13 Vazirpur, Haryana BAB-19 - Bharatpur, Rajasthan 27° 15' N, 77° 30' E B. juncea BAB-20…

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