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  • Paper Towns Book Report

    Paper Towns is a coming of age novel set in Orlando, Florida. It was written by John Green in 2008 and features high school students as they coming to terms with growing up and learning about the diversity and complexity of humans. By exploring how the characters learn the book connects to its audience and gives them the chance to reflect on their own lives. The novel begins in a subdivision called Jefferson Park. The narrator Quentin “Q” Jacobson and his neighbour Margo Roth Spieglman, both young children, go to the nearby park to play where they discover the body of Robert Joyner, a man who had committed suicide. The story then picks up again when Quentin and Margo are teenagers who have grown apart. One random night Margo shows up at Quentin’s bedroom window dressed all in black. Margo convinces Quentin to sneak out with her and get revenge on the people she feels have betrayed her. As the night unfolds Margo and Quentin visit each of Margo’s “friends”. At each location they leave something for the victims, including a catfish and a blue spray painted ‘M’. At 3 in the morning, Margo and Quentin make their way to the Sun Trust building and look…

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  • Paper Towns Movie Essay

    strive for or experience daily into one movie. Romance, laughter, a journey, some hardships, and connecting. A film released in 2015 defined as a romance dramedy, yet the directors decided to push the boundaries and make it bigger than a typical romance comedy. This movie was quickly glossed over and thrown to the side by the public but deserves treatment as more than average. Jake Schreier's Paper Towns has created beauty out of hardship with flying colors and should be considered a top movie. …

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  • Paper Towns John Green Quotes

    Independent Reading Task Paper Towns by John Green Paper Towns is an award-winning novel by John Green. The novel is a story set in a small town in Orlando, Florida. The story is narrated by and follows the main character, Quentin. As the reader follows Quentin we learn about how he thinks and more importantly how much he likes a certain girl, who he hasn’t spoken to since they were kids. But one night, she leads him on an adventure until dawn and then disappears the next day. The focus of this…

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  • Small Town Life Research Paper

    small town where I have never lived before besides when I was a baby. I had lived in California since I was a baby, I grew up in California. In California is were I was raised, it was a big city with many different towns that were only like ten to fifteen minutes away. I had fit so good there, I had my family and my friends that I grew up with and even a sport I was actually good at that I played in since I was 4 years old. Well my older sister Courtney had gotten far behind in school because…

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  • The Theme Of Veiled Identity In Paper Towns

    continues. Within John Green’s, Paper Towns, the theme of veiled identity is enigmatically examined as five teenagers struggle to find themselves as well as the real Margo Roth Spiegelman, a “daring” and unequivocal “adventure” of a person. Delving into the catacombs of individuality, Quentin, or Q, a studious and plain young man, finds that an identity can easily be painted over, but this facade can never truly hide the underlying veracity…

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  • Leaves Of Grass Analysis

    her. Margo left clues in the volume of Walt Whiteman’s “Leaves of Grass” with hopes that Quentin will eventually find her. As Quentin goes on a journey in search of Margo he comes to a realization that Margo isn’t really the person which he was under the impression of. During the course of events, Quentin undergoes a transition about self-awareness as well as understanding of others. As everyone comes to a realization which they have really become while finding Margo, they know that they don’t…

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  • Paper Towns Symbolism

    In the book “Paper Towns” the author (John Green) uses the symbol of a minivan to represent home and friendship. One day Margo (Quentin’s neighbor/childhood friend) comes up to Quentin out of nowhere, and asks him to help her with getting revenge back to her “ex friends”. Quentin hesitates a little, but gets convinced. They have fun pranking Margo’s ex friends and soon they go their own ways and go back home. The next day Margo doesn’t come to school and is nowhere to be found. Quentin becomes…

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  • The Lottery Summary

    The Lottery Plot June 27 arrived in the form of a bright morning; sunlight bringing out the vivid colors of the flowers and the grass, and heralding in a day of longstanding tradition in a rural town. On this morning, the annual lottery was to be held. Townspeople gathered together, socializing, sharing stories, remarking on the day’s work and last year’s lottery as children played and gathered stones into a pile. They took time each year to participate in this time-honored tradition, but not…

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  • The Lottery Irony

    The village square is the average gathering ‘center’ for the lottery. Although typical town squares are usually bustling with business affairs and playing children, the town square within “The Lottery” is not only a playground for children, but for death as well. This is demonstrated by the grotesque ending of “The Lottery”. Mrs. Hutchinson’s apron not only demonstrates that the lottery occurred while she was working, but it also sets the opinion that the lottery is nothing but a burden for the…

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  • The Embodiment Of Tradition In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

    In Shirley Jackson’s story “The Lottery”, villagers gather in the town square on June 27 where the black box is securely put on the stool to determine the fate of death of the lottery winner. The black box is the physical embodiment of tradition. It supersedes all the power and commitment. It also supersedes bonds and authorities. The people are submissive to the box. Villagers respect and care for it. Over time, the population of the villagers increased, changing the wooden chips to slips of…

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