Paper Towns Book Report

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Paper Towns is a coming of age novel set in Orlando, Florida. It was written by John Green in 2008 and features high school students as they coming to terms with growing up and learning about the diversity and complexity of humans. By exploring how the characters learn the book connects to its audience and gives them the chance to reflect on their own lives.
The novel begins in a subdivision called Jefferson Park. The narrator Quentin “Q” Jacobson and his neighbour Margo Roth Spieglman, both young children, go to the nearby park to play where they discover the body of Robert Joyner, a man who had committed suicide. The story then picks up again when Quentin and Margo are teenagers who have grown apart. One random night Margo shows up at Quentin’s bedroom window dressed all in black. Margo convinces Quentin to sneak out with her and get revenge on the people she feels have betrayed her.
As the night unfolds Margo and Quentin visit each of Margo’s “friends”. At each location they leave something for the victims, including a catfish and a blue spray painted ‘M’. At 3 in the morning, Margo and Quentin make their way to the Sun Trust building and look
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He wonders if Margo will now hang out with him and his friends, Ben and Radar. Much to Quentin’s disappointment Margo does not show up to school that day. After learning that Margo has run away, Q notices a poster in Margo’s room. This poster leads him to a book of poems, Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”. The book has many highlighted sections that Q believes to be a clue to Margo’s location. Q continues to search for clues and eventually finds a map that leads him and his friends to an abandoned mini-mall. In the mini-mall there is evidence that Margo was recently there and a spray painted message hinting that she committed suicide. This validates Q’s growing belief that Margo was trying to cover up her

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