The Outsiders In Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay

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What would you do if you knew someone was going to be killed? Would try to prevent it? Would you tell someone about it? That's the decision that many people in gangs have to deal with. In the book The Outsiders Ponyboy delts with situations just like this everyday. Ponyboy is in this situation because his parents passed away and the gang became his family. With his brother working to provide for his brothers, Ponyboy only has the gang to lookout for him. With that he is exposed to gang life, It becomes his world. In Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” he talks about how your world can change really fast like an Eden, and that innocents flees fast.

In the book the outsiders Ponyboy is the main character. He has two older brothers
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Ponyboy starts the book off my quoting the murder scene. When Johnny committed the murder he destroyed the gang’s world. They had to run from the Police and it also tore apart the gang. In Robert Frost’s poem it says “Eden sank to grief”, which means the gang’s prime time is over. And when Dally getting shot and killed by the police, it was just the icing on the cake, making the whole situation worst.

Darry had a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. With his parents being gone, he had to drop out of school and provide for his two brothers and best he knew how to. Darry got a job at a gas station, while the greasers took care of the two brothers. Ponyboy and Sodapop grew up with the gang and adapted to gang life. In Robert Frost’s he wrote “Nothing gold can stay” and when Darry had to drop out of high school to provide for his family had lost his whole future.

The mentioned characters went threw a lot of changes threw a short period of time. Like Eden they thought everything was perfect, when Johnny stabbed a soc they lost everything so quickly and the gang fell apart. So in the end, the fight between the socs and the greasers didn't matter, because with the death of close friends no winning can pay that

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