This Family Shouldn T Have Been Saved Analysis

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A good parent is suppose to look after their children. Make sure they 're around good people and keep them away from drugs and violence. A bad parent would do the exact opposite. In her essay, "This Family Shouldn 't Have Been Saved" , Kay S. Hymowitz does explain effective parenting well by mention the condition of the mother and how she was involved with drugs, then she explains the condition the child was in and the people surronding him. A young child brought a .32-caliber to school and shot a classmate in her chest. The outcome was horrific, gun-control lobbyists, school-safety experts were going crazy in support of the victim Kayla. People weren 't willing to accept the fact that the boy grew up in a bad condition. His mother was "involved with drugs" and his father had six children by three different women. He also is in jail for cocaine possession and burglary. Before the incident the child has shown made signs, like fighting at school and stabbing a classmate. The child said he hated everyone and spent much time watching violent T.V. shows and movies. Even thought the State 's …show more content…
For example, when she said " Take a good look at this boy 's family. His family, Dedric Owens, who has six children by three different women, has been jailed for cocaine possession and burglary. At the time of the shooting, he was in jail yet again for parole violation"( Hymowitz, 1). The author made the reader feel bad for the child because of his father. You could say he was almost following in his father 's footsteps, sadly. Also when she said" In this case, it was Kayla Rolland- a child not even related to the family being "perserved" - who paid the ultimate price". The author really touched the readers ' hearts by ending with this sentence because it made them think about how the law that doesn 't affect anyone directly, still has an effect over time. Afterwards, the author failed to give herself

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