Panhellenic Games

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  • Politics In Greece: The Greek War Of Independence

    The Greek War of Independence led Greece to become an independent state from the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in 1830. However, after the separation, the country underwent economic difficulties and government corruption. Though Greece has made great strides in reforming their political institutions and combating corruption in the last 185 years, there are still clear signs that problems are very much prevalent in today’s society. On the other hand, the northern European country Denmark greatly differs from Greece. For starters, Denmark did not have to gain its independence since it was never dependent on another nation. The country “first organized as a unified state in 10th century” (Coufoudakis, 2015). Nonetheless, the country did suffer from many fluctuations in progress in terms of economic depressions and wars. However, Denmark did not only overcome such situations but prospered into a successful democratic constitutional monarchy. Similar, like fellow country Denmark, Greece is consider a democratic and developed country. However, how can two countries that are consider democracy’s and developed countries vary greatly in their political institutions and gender equality in the present day? Greece’s transition from a qualified liberal democracy marked by anti-communist legacies of the 1946 civil war to a repressive military dictatorship, and finally, to a more modernized democratic regime, has greatly affected the country still to this day. Contrarily, Denmark’s transformation…

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  • The Victor's Crown David Potter Summary

    backstories behind the specific sports including the nature of the athletes participating. The book itself is divided up into 29 chapters all following a laxly based sequential order of events which highlights important events leading up to Roman Olympic games as well as the history behind these events and the sporting events themself. This book also includes emotional values of the events such as the athletes behind the scenes even up to the crowd their selves. The book itself is divided up…

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  • Can Diamonds Be Girls Best Friend Essay

    Can Diamonds be Girls’ Best Friend? What do you think when you think of sororities? For most people outside of the greek system you think of iconic movies such as House Bunny, Legally Blonde or Sydney White. Though these movies are entertaining, they do not accurately depict what it actually means to be in a sorority and all the benefits you can receive. I joined my sorority Alpha Delta Pi here at the University of South Carolina a little over a year ago and I can truly say it has been the best…

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  • Myrtle Wreaths

    “Great Greece.” There are three narrative registers on this clay plaque. The first register illustrates a man carrying the dead body of a gigantic figure. The second register showcases young maidens holding hands in a type of ritualistic dance. Lastly, in the third register, young males hold hands. The first narrative refers to a scene of the Trojan War, in which Ajax carries the body of Achilles. Meanwhile, the goddesses depict a type of initiation for the young male youths at the bottom of the…

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  • The Six Characteristics Of World Of Warcraft

    play the game but there is an overarching goal to have fun. You can play player vs. environment, player vs. player, and role play. These three ways of playing are genres inside the game that you can focus on. To stick to the one I know most is PvE. The common goal of PvE is to get your character strong enough to be able to defeat bosses with at least four other players. This strengthening process is called gearing. So the main goal is to gear your character up to defeat bosses. To defeat these…

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  • Difference Between Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

    phone into a Virtual Reality headset. Companies like Google and Nintendo has been taking Augmented Reality technology for their devices, one of the most noted is the Google Glass. In this past year, new and old gaming companies aim for these two technologies to gain more customers. Both of these technologies would be a great help for video game companies, but one technology would have to dominate. Advancement of Augmented reality is needed more than the advancement of virtual reality because AR…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of High School

    first subject. Math. Meanwhile in the other classroom Kimi sits down and instantly brings out a notebook and pencil preparing for the upcoming subject she was about to learn. She looks over to her left and realize a couple of boys playing a game. She squints her eyes to read what was going on, and what they were playing. Not like she had any interest though that these boys…

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  • Values And Values In Sports

    to cheat to win and think its good to cheat their self into cheating out the game and not playing fair . They wouldn’t realize till then end when someone is doing the same to them and starting to feel bad for them self because they let their actions taken over. How they act towards…

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  • My Favorite Game: The Most Important Basketball Game

    My senior year in high school I played in one of the most important basketball games of my life. The south state championship game between Wayne County and West Jones was the biggest rivalry game ever. There were so many feelings of emotions running through my veins. Nervousness, fear, and relief were just some of the many feelings that I felt throughout the entire game. As many people know Wayne County and West Jones playing each other in any sport has always been one to remember, and as…

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  • Scrabble Game Analysis

    all kinds of people who play Scrabble competitively, even children. COOPER 2 COOPER: (0:57) A very good game would be like a 400. Braggable is maybe 500. The best I’ve gotten in a club or tournament is 568, but I got like a 6-something against a friend. That’s Cooper Komatsu, an 8th grader from Southern California, and one of the top youth Scrabble players in the country. COOPER 1 COOPER: (16:11) We have the best combined rating, and the highest rated player in the tournament, which is…

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