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  • Heros Journey In Joseph Campbell's The Self As Hero

    Joseph Campbell, in his book chapter “The Self as Hero,” argues how all heroes go through similar, if not the same, stages on the way to complete their journey. He supports his claim by citing evidence from classic literary tales like “The Princess and the Frog” and “When the Two Came to their Father” and appealing to pathos and logos. Campbell’s purpose is to educate readers on how most hero stories follow the same path and can influence and be influenced by the public, who can learn from the…

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  • My High School Years

    My high school years consisted of close minded individuals who judged people based on how they dressed and belittled other races struggles. Growing up and never being part of the majority, I was taught to acknowledge the fact that everyone 's self struggles are just as important as mine. I am an egalitarian that believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of their race, complexion, beliefs and so forth. I’m the type of person that lives by the golden rule: treat others the way you’d…

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  • Synopsis Of Mahea Short Story

    celebration, takes on an unorthodox solution, along with Makoa and Kainoa, during this strange time and tries to find a way to help her parents. But will her efforts pay off, or will she get herself, her family and others in trouble? January 1st, 1779 My ohana told me a long time ago that it was a good idea to do something new for a change. Well, it was not really all of them, but just my father. Maybe it was just my idea as well. Anyways, my father told me that when…

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  • King Kamehameha The Great Chief

    When Kamehameha was born in 1758, Halley's Comet appeared over the Hawaiian skies. Legend prophesied that a light in the sky with feathers like a bird would signal the birth of a great chief. Kamehameha would grow up to be a strong ruler who succeeds by eliminating all the rival chiefs. Warring clans saw him as a potential threat because Alapa´inui feared he would take away his throne, so Kamehameha had the equivalent of a price on his head from the day he was born. For this reason, the child…

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  • Negative Effects Of Brain Cancer On Patients

    People question. How it is caused?, how can it be treated?, what symptoms could occur through brain cancer? Many people suffer from a type of cancer. One cancer that is good to learn is, brain cancer. You can’t walk to a local store and ask for medicine to cure this disease. To treat brain cancer you may have to visit your local doctor. This disease takes a process that may slowly progress like a turtle going to the shore. Some people have it for a lifetime. But some live with it for a short…

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