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  • Arguments Against Three Strikes

    important issues in society today. One important issue for many citizens is the crime rate is unacceptably high, and many people are forced to move away or feel like a prisoner in their own community. Moreover, when it comes to crimes in today's society, there is an increasing number of repeat offenders so in 1994 the state of California passed the “Three-Strikes and Your Out” law. This law proposes that felons who are found guilty of committing a third offense that is serious is to be locked up for 25 years to life in prison. Overall “the Three Strikes Law, or what is also known as the habitual offender law, are statues mandating state courts to impose “harsher” penalties…

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  • Habitual Offender Laws: The Effectivity Of Three Strikes Law

    Habitual offender laws or as it is known the three strikes law is hated by most people and even ex-president Bill Clinton regrets signing this law. This law is more complex than simple. Each state has its own version of this law with California being the strictest by implementing this law on criminals with non-violent felonies (Kieso). The effectivity of three strikes law has being question thousands of times because this law has the chance to ruins people’s lives who could had changed their…

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  • John Wayne Gacy Crime Profile

    Criminal Profile John Wayne Gacy is one of America’s most notorious serial killers known for his gruesome murders of many young boys and men between 1972-1978. He holds one of the highest victim counts in the world for any murder. Gacy raped, tortured, and strangled 33 young boys to death, he then buried the bodies under his home or dumped some of the bodies in a nearby river. James Haakenson was the most recent victim identified from the John Wayne Gacy killings. James was only 16 years old…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Criminal Profiling

    or could be in a rage fueled rampage and with this information, law enforcement can narrow down a suspect pool to those who have anger issues or a history of severe mental illness. There will always be exceptions to the rules but in most cases, the crime scene does not lie. Forensic Psychologist Richard Kocsis states in his article on the history of profiling, “human behavior is in some capacity a reflection of personality.” (“Criminal”). What the suspect leaves behind or purposely doesn’t leave…

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  • Essay On Sexual Offender List

    along with that about 300,000 women get raped per year. A sexual offender list was created for just officials to be able to know who has committed a sexual crime. However, because of certain cases the sexual offender list was made public in 1995. Megan’s Law states that the authorities must inform all communities about where a sex offender lives. This law also allowed the public to view the offender’s picture, name, address, and the description of their crime (Bonner-Kidd). Public shaming is a…

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  • The Hard Goodbye Film Analysis

    Frank Miller's Sin City: The Hard Goodbye tells the story of Marv, a psychotic, disfigured, ex-military killer living in a decadent and corrupt city. Marv is framed for the murder of beautiful prostitute Goldie, and feeling a connection with her though they only shared one night together, Marv goes on a search for her killer. Marv is both hunter and hunted as he traces the murder up through Sin City to a corrupt cardinal and a cannibalistic serial killer preying on the city's prostitutes. Marv…

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  • Different Types Of Sex Offenders

    (Bonnar-Kidd, 2010). Many sex offenses go unreported. The majority of sex offenders are males with heterogeneous characteristics, and similar clinical needs (The Regent, 2016). Sexual crimes are rarely impulsive; the perpetrator has thought about the act ahead of time with a known victim in mind. Sexual offenders often justify their behaviors with denial, rationalizing, and minimizing. Pedophilia is a sexual disorder classified as a paraphilia (abnormal or unnatural attraction) by the American…

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  • The History Of Criminal Profiling

    Pakhomou analyzed 97 victims and corresponded their race with the race of their killer. “Among 53 (54.6 per cent) white female victims, 46 (47.4 per cent) were attacked by white males and 7 (7.2 per cent) by nonwhite males. Among 31 (32.0 per cent) black female victims, 22 (22.7 per cent) were attacked by black offenders and 9 (9.3 per cent) by white perpetrators. One Asian female (1.0 per cent) and 12 (12.4 per cent) white males were the victims of white serial killers.”(222). This shows that…

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  • Essay On Offender Profiling

    In this research paper, Dr. Craig Bennell (2014) demonstrated that inaccurate offender profiles discourage the police to arrest the offenders. Next, Craig (2014) introduced that offender profiling is a type of technique in the police investigation. Currently, profiling becomes a prioritized tool of solving a serial offender case. Additionally, serial murder cases mean that the police must fit a particular suspect in a large amount of suspects. However, if offender profiling is confounded, it is…

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  • Criminal Profiling And Forensic Psychology

    behaviour while committing the act of crime. (Criminal Psychology: A Beginner’s Guide, p. 6 to 7) Criminal profiling or offender profiling is one of the used techniques in identifying a criminal in several cases besides scouring for physical evidences like blood, murder weapons, and many more. It has already been used in various scenarios when it comes to solving cases pertaining to rape, murder, kidnapping, etc. It is commonly used in narrowing the number of suspects in an investigation, and to…

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