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  • Pros And Cons Of Nutraloaf

    imposing cruel and unusual punishment. Nutraloaf is seen by some people to be a good thing because it punishes offenders who are harming other people. Nutraloaf is an alternative to the extreme of solitary confinement. Some believe this adheres to the constitution on account of all nutritional values are met. Like Tom Dart County sheriff Cook says in Politics and City life ‘This is not the Four Seasons,” (Jeff Ruby Para 1). The author tries to portray that jail is jail, the inmates should not be getting the best food anyway. The reason nutraloaf is wrong is due to the fact it damages people mentally when they repeat the same meal every day and when meal has no flavor. This is confirmed by Marcia Pelchat psychologist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia (Eliza Barclay Para 13). Dr Pelchat says “ "It's very difficult to consume enough calories to keep your weight up if you're on a boring diet” (Eliza Barclay Para 15). Although nutraloaf is made and supported by jail officials, psychologists believe that it is the wrong idea for the prisoners. Nutraloaf can be considered unconstitutional. As said in “the Huffington Post”, “Prisoners in several states, including Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, New York and Washington, have even sued over Nutraloaf or its equivalent, claiming that the punitive food is so awful that it’s unconstitutional” (Dominique Mosbergen Para 6 ). The author states here that nutraloaf is so abhorrent that not only do the inmates not want to…

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  • The Importance Of Essential Oils

    Smells travel as chemical messages via sense receptors and the olfactory nerve to the limbic area of the brain, and particularly to the amygdala and the hippocampus. These are the areas of the brain that are associated with emotions (fear, happiness, etc), mood, pain, pleasure and also with memories. Smells become associated with emotions – and even memories of emotions. So, for example, using an essential oil while you are in a meditation session can lead to deep relaxation. Over time, the same…

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  • Analysis: Are We Caught In A Snack?

    moving towards constant eating," says one the study 's co-authors, Barry Popkin, professor of nutrition and director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Obesity at the University of North Carolina, citing the study 's finding that a quarter of children actually eat something every hour. "The increases [in snacking] that we found between the 1980s and '90s have, if anything, accelerated towards eating more times a day, and we see no evidence that 's going to slow down.” While it is worrisome…

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  • Human Pheromones

    Over the past decades a number of studies, experiments, and a lot of online information have been published on chemical signaling between human pheromones which possibly influence aspects of sexual attraction. Many authors proposed and dedicated a large part their studies to explain pheromones in animals and confirmed after many studies that human pheromones also exist, and they explored the effects of that. Pheromones are substances that are released from the body and received by others from…

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