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  • Hawaii Culture Research Paper

    Hawaii’s culture of ohana and aloha cannot be matched by any other community in the world. It is also the most ethical and cultural diverse. At my school, there are five different languages spoken being spoken in the faculty lunchroom. There is always a vibe of friendliness, and everyone across the islands just feels connected to because it’s such a small state. It’s the only state that mostly everyone will know each other. It’s the true definition of a small world. It’s the only state where…

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  • Filipino Culture By Trask

    political system in Hawai’i as an interdependent system, using incentive instead of oppression as a means of gaining status. Trask writes, “ … an interdependence was created where by the maka’ainana (people of land) were free to move with their ‘ohana (extended families) to live under an alibi of their choosing … the result was an incentive for the society’s leader to provide for all their constituents’ well-being and contentment. To fail to do so meant the loss of status and thus of mana for…

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  • Creative Writing: The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp

    "In Cortoursui, a dimension outside of earth, lies a small cove, where a family of five live and tend to their small plain of wild grasses, fruits, vegetables and-." "Hold it right there! I thought we were telling a story Lycanto not documenting on live TV on how a family of five are reenacting "The Werewolf of Fever Swamp," with country kids and a lagoon that looks more like a swamp-creek thing." "Does he comprehend anything that comes out that muzzle of his." "No he does not and you young one…

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  • Kekoa Family Nursing Case Study

    the treatment plan is other than running her back and forth to appointments. The concepts of 'Ohana states that the elders (or kūpuna) or traditionally the ones in the family who pass down wisdom and training to the younger generation. Within the Kekoa family, several members of the family (not just the grandparents) have taken on this responsibility. It is understandable that because of the concept of 'Ohana, the family members would want to be involved in supporting the professionals in any…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In Elementary School

    The elementary school I went to was public and the educational system was from kindergarten to sixth grade. From here, I met some of my, not necessarily closest, but long lasted friends. Three of whom I am quite close to today were of these three girls: Ariel, Jenny and Kimberly. I met these folks at different times. I met Ariel and Jenny in first grade. My mom and their moms met while picking us kids up. From then on, we were introduced to each other. Then drama took place. After second…

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  • Reflective Essay: Why I Believe In High School

    Marlene Choi This I Believe In high school, there are many types of people you will meet. There are the popular kids, the nerds, the athletic jocks, the theater guilt kids, and many varieties of other cliques. In highschool, it is difficult to “fit in” in order to be accepted to a group of friends. Many feel left out or feel that they don't fit it based on their personalities or physical appearances. During my high school years, it was often difficult for me to make new friends because I was…

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  • American Red Cross Communication Process

    1. Client: American Red Cross Hawaii State Chapter 2. Committee: To be decided. Introduction: My undergrad was in journalism, and I have several years of journalistic experience. During my first year of my graduate degree I have taken courses such as social media, advanced media research, crisis communication, communication theory and strategic communication. All of this has led to, and prepared me for a professional project within the communication field. I am ready to put my past journalism…

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  • Narrative Essay On Lana Del Rey

    across where you must decide whether to stay quiet or speak up. Most of the times I decide to stay quiet and turn the other cheek, but during the summer I decided to step out of my comfort zone. In April my boyfriend bought us tickets to go to the Ohana Music Festival in Dana Point California. This was the present he gave me for our three year anniversary and it was the best thing that anyone has ever given me. I was extremely excited because my all-time favorite singer, Lana Del Rey was going…

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  • Why Are Business Ethics Important To Me

    Ethics within business are important because they reflect the overall values of the company and the individual. I acquired ethics in my life through my childhood, sports as well as through family and religion. Leadership, morality, and a deep care for others are among the most important ethics that have helped shape me. Success in business is no longer simply achieved through profits; rather an ethical practice, and ethical employees drive success on a much more meaningful and impactful way.…

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  • Evolution Of Gay Marriage Essay

    Same-sex Marriage What is the meaning of family? Since our childhood we see programs in television that usually portray a ‘traditional’ family. However, since a few years ago Disney channel, the most popular channel for kids, has taught us that “Ohana means family” said by Stitch, an alien. So the question that we should ask is what is the meaning of family today? What is the conflict between gay and straight families? Should we allow gay people married at first? Do we fear too much of the…

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