Hawaii Culture Research Paper

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Hawaii’s culture of ohana and aloha cannot be matched by any other community in the world. It is also the most ethical and cultural diverse. At my school, there are five different languages spoken being spoken in the faculty lunchroom. There is always a vibe of friendliness, and everyone across the islands just feels connected to because it’s such a small state. It’s the only state that mostly everyone will know each other. It’s the true definition of a small world. It’s the only state where complete strangers help one another out. It’s a colorful paradise visually and ethnically.
And to add on to this, I am a part of a Portuguese family that is known to cherish family over everything. When my mom was a child, family gathered every Sunday and every holiday at her Vovo’s house. My mom and I have family over at our house for dinner at least once a month and on holidays. I think she sees it as a way to keep family close in the midst of all of our busy, hectic lives. She is continuing a tradition and instilling the importance of family.
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Both living in Hawaii and having my family over often taught me that bring people together reminds them that the most valuable things in the life weren’t materialistic; they were the bonds they have between each other. It doesn’t matter who you are, we are all people; we are all the same. I would bring my experiences of family and the many meanings of aloha to the University of Washington, and it would hopefully add a little of what this cruel world is lacking, a little bit of love and

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