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  • Haramb

    When he awoke the next day he saw he was in the tree of healing, the gorilla Ohana was none for he magical abilities to heal the wounded. It took him 3 day before he arose and was able to get back to his duties. Then on the 7th day of his return there was an instance that would change the jungle forever, a man child was found lost…

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  • Island Narrative

    In my entire life i have never been to an island. It all began on september 1st 2017. The day my family and i ventured into an exquisite place, Nassau bahamas. The place that brings families together. The journey began on a friday september 22nd 2017. My mother,sister,niece and I were packing our suitcases,and getting ready to leave for Statesboro georgia. This year we decided to ride the bus with my moms side of the family,since it would be cheaper than flying to Miami. The drive there was a…

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  • Analysis Of Paul Kalanithi's Story 'When Breath Becomes Air'

    In When Breath Becomes Air, Paul Kalanithi was a prominent neurosurgeon that had been diagnosed with cancer. Forced to face mortality, Kalanithi’s life changed completely. Initially, when he found out about his illness, he did not have the intentions to carry on with his career and life. However, with the help of his family and friends, Kalanithi decided that he wanted to pursue his life and strive. In Kalanithi’s story, family relations and the doctor-patient relationship played an important…

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  • Negative Effects Of Family Therapy

    Positive Effects of Family Therapy Nicole Colucci Phycology 101 Gateway Community College Families are a blessing the Hawaiian saying Ohana means family and no one gets left behind. Having a family is what makes this world work and there are people that study and make a career in helping families stay together. Family therapy is also referred to as couple and marriage therapy, or family counseling. Families and couples in intimate relationships use therapy to nurture change and…

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  • Psychological Contract Theory

    likely to respond to the PC completion by being cooperative at work, nevertheless, when employees realize that the commitments are no longer respected by the enterprise, it will negatively affect their cooperative behaviours in the workplace (Meyer, Ohana and Stinglhamber, 2017). Further, at the point when employees feel that their managers have not fulfilled promises, they may wish to take part in "payback" as a reaction by diminishing their positive behaviours and showing more negative…

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  • My Family Essay

    necessarily coming from the same ancestors. They accept you as who you are and will be there through thick and thin. Psychologists say that the important qualities in a family are love, support, friendship, and guidance. As from the movie Lilo & Stitch, “Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”. Families influence the person we are today. We all come from families of different backgrounds, social classes, etc. We grow and our family resembles our personalities. We…

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  • How Does Literature Affect Literature?

    Pacific Islanders throughout history, as a whole, have gone through so much change that making comparisons to others are almost unattainable. There are a plethora of changes that range from far and wide; language, environmental, mental, and physical. A major change was literature in itself. Prior to western influence, literature was never around for most of the stories and song were done orally. For most people change in the end may be beneficial, but often times bring conflict and hardships,…

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  • Three Domains Of Human Development

    not address someone as “aunty” or “uncle” despite not being related to them in any way. Addressing those who aren’t even related to you by these terms came off as more friendly, likeable, and create a sense of belonging, and automatically become Ohana, which means family, In Hawaii. “Humans change their ability to think and way of perception over time by the influence of their environment.” (Berger 28) Even though I was in a completely different social and cultural environment in Las Vegas,…

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  • Inaccuracies Of Disney And History

    When it comes to the topic of Disney and how it represents history and culture in its films, most will agree that Disney’s portrayals are highly inaccurate. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is that Disney is working to better portray non-American cultures and history in their films. Whereas some are convinced that Disney has and still is inaccurately representing the history and culture of many other people such as the Chinese and Native Americans, others believe that Disney is now…

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  • Hawaiian's Identity In The Movie Noho Hewa

    Ngawang Chime Sectional essay #2 In the book A Nation Rising: Hawaiian Movements for Life, Land, and Sovereignty, and the movie Noho Hewa explores a common theme of the U.S relocating Hawaiians from their land for their goal for strengthening militarization and capitalism. Although, there is exploitation of power from the U.S government to dispossess the Hawaiians from their ancestral land and forced assimilation, the Hawaiians are able to resist back stronger than ever by strengthening their…

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