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  • Flowers For Algernon Quotes

    Charlie’s operation was his level of knowledge. His I.Q. skyrocketed in only a week. “You’re coming along fast, Charlie,” (Keyes, 230). Incidentally, this quote was said by Miss Kinnian, Charlie’s teacher, about a month after the operation was performed. A month later and Charlie had learned about punctuation and had successfully started using it in his reports. Charlie was picking up fairly quickly which pleased everybody working in the lab. Thanks to the operation, Charlie was now brighter, which is all he wanted. He got what he wanted, and could not be happier. This is a major reward because he was happy, and he was able to show people what he could do. Although, Charlie’s higher I.Q. was not the only good to come out of his operation. “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten,” (Lilo and Stitch). Charlie Gordon does not have any family members that keep in touch with him or check up on him, so the next best thing is friends. Charlie did not have many friends before the operation, but he was not fully aware of this because of his mental disability. After the operation he was very close with his doctors, Miss Kinnian and even Algernon. In the time following the operation Charlie had the following thought, “My landlady Mrs. Flynn is very worried about me,” (Keyes, 242). Not only does this quote from the book show how close Charlie has grown to certain people, but also how much people care about him. In fact, this was after the operations effects…

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  • Lilo And Stitch: Why I Value My Family

    When you grow up neglected of both parents in the house it can be hard on a child. Not everyone has the glory of a whole family, I am one of those kids. You search for having that wholeness that you see with everyone else’s family, even though you know it’s not possible. It might sound strange to some people but it’s powerful to me, the movie Lilo and Stitch holds my favorite quote and one of the reasons I value my family. Lilo states, “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left…

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  • Ohana In Hawaii

    island where the ordinary is extraordinary. A luau, a glimpse of the aloha spirit that brings guest and islanders in a memorable setting. Experience what it means to have an Ohana; a unique extending love to everyone. Take part of the many adventures which are fun for all ages, whether a romantic getaway or a family vacation. When it comes to vacation destinations Hawaii is an unforgettable trip and worth the investment. Experience the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands. Back in the…

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  • Film Analysis: Delightful Ohana Tattoos

    Delightful Ohana Tattoos – No One Get’s Left Behind “Ohana" means "family." "Family" means no one gets left behind." This quote is from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch (2002). In this cute film, a little Hawaiian girl adopts a strange looking dog who is actually an alien. The word “Ohana” was made quite popular by this film and many people still chose to include it in their tattoo designs. Today we will look at these ohana tattoos in a little more detail. The word “ohana” is from the…

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  • A Short Story: Ohana Means Family

    Ohana Means Family. Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind or Forgotten. My dad was a cop and my mom was a bartender who smoked pot. I use that line when asked about my parents. It’s also a good summation for my upbringing. “What were the best and worst parts of your day?” My mom asked my three sisters and me at dinner. “Being here with my family,” we joked. It wasn’t an acceptable answer for either part of the question, but past age five, I couldn’t even answer with that sarcastic response,…

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  • Kaho Olawe Research Paper

    stopped the bombing and all ordnance delivery exercises on Kaho‘olawe, but due to the continuous bombing of naval ships and destruction of the island the military believed nothing would be able to grow from the land (San Juan Jr 78). Adatchie Eaton speaker during the 1991 public hearing Says, “Once a geologist told me and other ohana members while clearing a grassy area for an ohana style garden. He said that he took dirt samples that read nothing will grow on this island. Since that time the…

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  • Hawaii Paradise Research Paper

    waiting for the results of my application for the program. I am going to strive to reach my dream of being a nurse. I want to know everything that I can in order to be a great nurse. Up to this day, the people whom I met when I first came to Hawaii still greets me whenever I see them (my father’s acquaintaces, my classmates from high school, and college). They make me feel like I am part of their family. When I was still in the Philippines, I learned from an animated movie that the word ohana…

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  • The Legend Of Eddie Aikau

    feast), and even the Hawaiian language, were outlawed and illegal. Disobeying these laws would result in death. This meant that surfing was the one of the only remaining traditions that the Hawaiians could hold onto. Eddie developed a deep passion and love for the ocean, in addition to his love for his ‘ohana (family). Eddie and his siblings would often surf shore break on paipo boards (small and narrow wooden boards which resemble boogie boards) at Kalahui Harbor. It quickly became…

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  • Kaho Olawe Problem

    obstacles, yet its success led to the integration of the Hawaiian Language Immersion program in the public school system, from which I myself graduated. This program encompasses kindergarten through twelfth grade education that is instructed completely in Hawaiian. For native Hawaiians, our language is the essence of our culture because it was the vehicle in which their ancestors passed down their knowledge and traditions for generations. In perpetuating the language, we ensure that their…

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  • Hawaii Culture Research Paper

    Hawaii’s culture of ohana and aloha cannot be matched by any other community in the world. It is also the most ethical and cultural diverse. At my school, there are five different languages spoken being spoken in the faculty lunchroom. There is always a vibe of friendliness, and everyone across the islands just feels connected to because it’s such a small state. It’s the only state that mostly everyone will know each other. It’s the true definition of a small world. It’s the only state where…

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