Island Narrative

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In my entire life i have never been to an island. It all began on september 1st 2017. The day my family and i ventured into an exquisite place, Nassau bahamas. The place that brings families together.
The journey began on a friday september 22nd 2017. My mother,sister,niece and I were packing our suitcases,and getting ready to leave for Statesboro georgia. This year we decided to ride the bus with my moms side of the family,since it would be cheaper than flying to Miami. The drive there was a long, and cold seventeen hours.
It was exactly 10:00 pm when we arrived at my grandmothers house. The bus to Miami left at 1:00 am, after they counted to make sure everyone who paid was on the bus. It was very hard for me to go to sleep because of all
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We couldn't instantly go to our rooms as soon as we got there,because they were making sure everything was straight for us. So we just sat down and ate some of the seafood,while waiting for the rest of the family to board the boat. Soon the sun began to set and everyone began to settle down in their rooms.About an hour after we got settled,I went to go get my cousins so we could go swimming before we have our meet and greet with the whole family. We made it to the pool but the exact moment we were about to step foot in the pool the ship alarms went off,luckily it was just a drill. After the thirty minute drill,we finally made it inside the pool. The pool was clear, salty, and packed to the max with little kids.My cousins and I probably stayed in the pool for five minutes, before we went to the jacuzzi. An hour later it was time for the meet and greet.We all got dressed and headed to the foya. During the meet and greet we all got t-shirts with the family name, they were a vibrant yellow color with a ship on the front with Williams Family Reunion surrounding it.Spending time with my family was by far the best experience on the

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