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  • Snapmaw Dichotomy

    Sony has released several videos showing off the mechanical beasts that roam the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. These hulking beasts are perhaps the most intriguing facet of the game. In a world that has been taken back to its primordial roots, these beasts represent technology at its highest point. The dichotomy that exists in Horizon Zero Dawn is truly amazing. The first video shows of the Snapmaw. The Snapmaw is a crocodile-like machine that utilizes its powerful jaw and tail, coupled with its…

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  • Wolves In Yellowstone

    Wolves does not naturally have any regular predators; they are considered apex predators. Apex predators are very important in an ecosystem because they help the ecosystem to stay biodiverse. For example, wolves which are apex predators, they eat on the elks that would normally feed on the willows. Consequentially, the elimination of wolves was seen as an object of concern because now that…

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  • Blind Persons Rights Case

    1. A person accompanied by a dog enters a restaurant and identifies himself as being blind. He requests service and a seat where the dog may sit at his feet. The restaurant declines to provide these accommodations and police are called. What advice do you offer and what are you going to do? As discovering what the issue at hand is between the two parties, we know that under the Blind Persons’ Rights act that it is an offence to (a) deny to any person the accommodation, services or facilities…

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  • 6.3 Research Question Paper

    6.3 Research question #3 How do mercury stable isotopes ratio change in mercury bio-uptake and bio-magnification in an Arctic marine ecosystem? There is still debate in the scientific community about Hg trophic transfer and/or in vivo transformations lead to MDF and MIF of Hg isotopes (Bergquist and Blum, 2007; Perrot et al., 2012; Senn et al., 2010; Kwon et al., 2012; Das et al., 2009). The MDF and MIF signatures of food webs may help to identify major sources and processes leading to…

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  • Procyon Lotor Hypothesis

    Release Hypothesis Observations: The authors, Stanley D. Gehrt and Suzanne Prange noted that raccoon (Procyon lotor) populations were growing in areas where there was a lack of a dominant carnivore. Coyotes (Canis latrans) play a role as a top predator by controlling smaller to medium sized mammals that share the same home range (where an animal regularly travels for food) as they…

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  • Having A Dog In The Room Essay

    I. Do you think it is possible that having a dog in the room can lower blood pressure, better than taking blood pressure medication? II. Today I am going to talk to you and inform about the affects that dogs have on people. III. Today I am going to inform you about the effect of dog and human interaction. A. Animals take part in an important role in many people’s lives. Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourages exercise and playfulness, and…

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  • Sushi In American Pop Culture

    phenomenon in restaurants everywhere. The explosion of this industry placed additional demands on fishing, namely of bluefin tuna. While essential to restaurants across the world, these animals are in danger of extinction from overfishing. These apex predators are critical to the marine food web. Our level of consumption of undomesticated species…

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  • Voice Actor: Dubbing Artist: Voice Lending Agent

    {Voice Actor|Dubbing Artist|Voice Lending Agent} {These people speak the lines of the characters in a game|Voice agents speak the lines of game characters|The characters in a game have dialogues that have to be dubbed using a voice artist}. {The voice actor usually plays the role of one character only|Every voice-lending agent will give voice to one character alone|The dubbing artist will speak for one of the game characters only}. {Sometimes many actors are called to give voice to one…

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  • Drone Warfare Pros And Cons

    A group of men are sitting inside a hut in the middle of the dessert, the three men are all known terrorists. Suddenly, the hut disappears in a flash of fire and shrapnel, unknown to the men a missile was launched from a circling reaper drone controlled by another man thousands of miles away in Nevada. This is a prime example of a fairly new tactic of drone warfare used by Armies around the world to fight terrorists. Drone warfare is the use of unmanned radio or satellite controlled aircraft to…

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  • Alien Vs. Predator

    night thinking there’s a monster under your bed? Most of those thoughts come from horror movie creatures from zombies to vampires, but the creatures that really get to you are the big box office horror movie creatures Alien and Predator. Both the Alien and the Predator have characteristics that make your hair stand on end, but Xenomorphs will keep me looking under my bed long into adulthood. The Xenomorph, also known as Alien is a very aggressive endo-parasitiod extraterrestrial arthropodal…

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