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  • Volleyball Training

    What is more important, how hard you train or how well designed your specific exercise routine fits to your sport? It’s simple, it’s the specificity of your exercise routine. If you train like the majority, then you will play and execute like the majority. If you exercise with a routine specifically designed with complex and thorough exercises using the latest equipment, then your training will improve and positive results will show on and off the playing field. The game of volleyball requires…

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  • Analytical Essay: Women In The Infantry

    costly distractions." Debra B (May, 2013) From a General with years upon years of experience. Anytime you get two of the opposite sexes you will have the distraction. In the Infantry you have to conduct certain exercises over and over until they become muscle memory. Distractions will prevent from achieving those desired results. This could cause more casualties in the long run. With relationships you also have break ups and other issues. In a unit the last thing a commander wants to deal with…

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  • My Healthy Active Living Action Plan

    My Healthy Active Living Action Plan- Pola Cwiek My Goals Are SMART GOAL #1: Component of Fitness: Muscular Strength- Standing Long Jump My Healthy Active Living Goal is to improve my standing long jump by 15 cm by January 2018. My goal is specific because I've stated the test i want to improve in: standing long jump, the amount i want to increase in 15 cm and the time frame January 2018. My goal is measurable because I’m going to be able to see the difference in centimetres since the first…

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  • Achilles Tendon Research Paper

    Definition/ Anatomy The Achilles tendon is the supposedly strongest tendon in the human body. Tendons attach muscles to bones; in this case the tendon of insertion of the two muscles soleus as well as the gastrocnemius is the Achilles tendon, which is often a typical cause of distress for athletes in sports such as tennis, basketball, and soccer, as well as other athletic activities involving running, jumping, and rotating movements (Behnke, 2012). Reasons for Achilles Tendon Rupture and…

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  • How Does Fast Music Affect Heart Rate?

    The result we obtained indicates that there are significant variations on aerobic performances between no music and fast music (p<0.00). As the result shown, the heart rate increases when the athletes are more focused unto fast music than no music and slow music. This determined that, when the athletes ran whilst listening to fast music, it didn’t only improve their timings but their heart rate as well. The beats of the heart rate whether it is slower or faster is highly influential to the…

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  • Importance Of Weight Belt

    Weight Belt Important for Bodybuilders: Weight belts are an important piece of equipment in your training repertoire. Find out how and why to use them! Most people think that weight belts support the back and can help prevent injury. That's generally true, but a better understanding of the mechanics will change how many people use their equipment. Even some weight belt manufacturers don't understand how a belt is supposed to work, which is revealed when they make the back of the belt wider…

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  • Axial Skeleton Research Paper

    cranium protects the brain, while the ribs protect many of the vital organs such as the heart and lungs. Attachment for skeletal muscle: Skeletal muscle helps move the body for voluntary and automatic movements. For example, to stand up, hold your head up and to breathe. Source of blood cell production: Red blood cells transport oxygen around the body to working muscles and remove carbon dioxide. They are formed in the red bone marrow of bones. Store of minerals: The skeleton houses two…

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  • Super Power Research Paper

    Imagine watching everyone around you moving slowly or barely moving, while you move around them at your normal everyday pace. This could be achieved with a super power like super speed.Super speed allows you to do basically anything you want, travel lengthy distances in seconds, being able to doa huge amount of activities in short periods of time and you'd basically be unbeatable in any kind of combat. But the super speed I'm talking about would include some side effects in your body as well,…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Strength Training

    usually doesn’t take longer than 2 minutes (if it did it would be pushing into muscular endurance.) This type of resistance training can lead to hypertrophy, resulting in larger, denser muscles as when you create micro-tears in the muscles, the body overcompensates by making new muscle fibres. This leads to stronger muscles, this is called adaptation. Adaptation is changing to your environment/ the stresses and strains placed upon the body. Also when you begin training your central nervous…

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  • Weakness: Muscular Endurance

    Weakness-Muscular endurance Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to undergo repeated contractions, avoiding fatigue. Muscular endurance is relevant to rowing because you need to have good muscular endurance to have strong strokes and fast ones. Rowing can be a physical sport so to consistently have a full and proper race you need to have good muscular endurance to avoid fatigue. For a rower to improve their muscular endurance, they will need to undergo weight training.…

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