The Benefits Of Running Before And After Photos

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Running Before and After
Running is a favorite form of exercise to burn calories, tone the muscles and improve the cardiovascular system. Running regularly can help keep excess weight off. However, your running before and after weight will also depend on how many calories you consume versus how much you burn.
The key to any weight-loss program is to burn more calories than consumed. To benefit from exercise, you must eat a healthy diet regularly.

Part 1: Eight Running Before and After Stories with Photos
Here are some personal stories about how running helped some individuals lose excess weight:
Fiona's Story Fiona

"You won’t believe it, but I only started running when I turned 50. Here are my running before and after photos. I ran my first race (first photo), in Ohio. Since then I
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But since I ran regularly and ate a healthier diet, I have lost 135 pounds within two years. Since then I have maintained my weight loss to the present while running 25 - 30 miles a week. My running before and after pictures will prove it."

Melisa's Story Melissa
"Look at the photo on the left which was taken in July 2011. I weighed 215 pounds then. Now look at the photo on the right, which was taken in March 2012, when I weighed 160 pounds. My running before and after weight got a bit disrupted when I got pregnant, when I had to temporarily stop running, but now I am starting to lose all my excess weight again!"

A Gymnast's Story ‘I used to be a competitive gymnast but since I retired five years ago, I began gaining weight fast. I used to work out at least 25 hours a week and ate a healthy diet to meet the demands my sport but when I stopped, I exercised less and just kept on eating a lot more. When I realized what happened, I got back to regularly exercising by running and lifting weights. I also went back to healthy eating. So now, here’s my body, before and after running.”


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