Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Exercise

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Why you should exercise

Although exercise is not necessary to lose weight, research shows that people who have kept the weight off are more likely to exercise rather than others. There are so many benefits of exercising and they are included below: It can help to reduce your blood pressure. By reducing blood pressure, it can reduce the likelihood of other diseases such as cardiovascular (heart) disease. It can reduce cholesterol levels and when you exercise it increases the levels of good HDL cholesterol in your body. It can help protect post-menopausal women against diabetes. Research shows that women between 55 and 69 who exercised regularly were 31% less likely to develop diabetes. If you exercise moderately or vigorously more than 4 times
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Cardiovascular exercise is very good for burning calories and is usually the most effective for expending energy in an exercise session. This includes exercises such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling, rowing and cross trainer. Resistance exercise helps to tone muscles and can help to maintain your muscle mass, which starts to decrease in late 20s. In terms of weight loss, by building muscle tissue, this would help the body to burn more calories at rest. Flexibility exercise involves stretching and moving your joints. This is useful as a down exercise and is good to help improve your range of motion. This is particularly important for older people so that they can continue performing everyday tasks more …show more content…
Muscle pain that shows up a day or two after exercising can affect anyone, regardless of your fitness level. This should not put you off because this is normal and does not last for long. This is a sign that you are improving your fitness. Sore muscles after physical activity, is common when beginning a new exercise programme, changing your exercise routine, or increasing the duration or intensity of your regular workout. When muscles are required to work harder than they're used to, or in a different way, it is believed to cause microscopic damage to the muscle fibers, resulting in muscle soreness or stiffness. Muscle soreness can happen to anyone even people that have been exercising for a long time. The good news is that the pain will decrease as your muscles get used to the new physical demands being placed upon them. The soreness is part of an adaptation process that leads to greater stamina and strength as the muscles recover and build. Unless you push yourself hard, you’re unlikely to develop muscle soreness after your next exercise

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