Exercise Adherence Essay

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The Social Psychology of Exercise Adherence
According to Seguin (2010), exercise is defined as exerting physical effort to maintain or improve health and fitness. It is truly a remarkable concept in life, as it allows an individual to take control of personal health and wellbeing. Exercise compiled with a little bit of commitment to leading a better dietary lifestyle can produce amazing physical results, but more importantly incredible psychological results as well. The phrase, “you look good, you feel good” has been thrown around for years, but in fact there is proof through research that backs this up with direct correlation to exercise.
Literature Review A study conducted by Szabo and Davies (2003) in which a field study was performed
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Intrinsic motivation is where the motivation to engage in exercise in this circumstance comes from within according to Wilson and Brookfield (2009). This kind of motivation is not usually the type that struggles to exercise, so the focus will be directed towards the extrinsically motivated people. Extrinsic motivation is where the desire to exercise will not come from within someone, yet an outside source such as friends, family, materialistic pleasures, public acknowledgement, and anything other than within someone. With the goal of implementing exercise into everyday life, and sustaining that routine, it is impossible to be consistent through extrinsic motivation. Yes, that can be the initial motivation to begin an active lifestyle, however, the only way to make exercise a part of life is to be intrinsically motivated to want live a healthier life for the wellbeing of an individual. Intrinsically motivated people will naturally have a higher self-efficacy to implement exercise into their …show more content…
However, the many benefits that come from exercise are backed by years of research. If one is to adhere to exercise, there are many positives that can be added to life. However, the choice not to engage in adequate exercise can be detrimental to health. Physically getting up and doing it is the first step, but attacking it from a psychological standpoint is the way move forward and keep progressing. It is an important concept that should be brought into the education system at young ages to magnify its importance. By learning more about how exercise is beneficial, the chances of creating a more active generation are much greater. If this can be done, the future health of the human population can take a big step in the right

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