Summary: The Importance Of Exercise

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creates an imbalance of acid. To compensate with this imbalance the body speeds up its breathing taking in more oxygen and it also speed up the heart allowing the oxygen to be transported to the muscle faster. The human body cannot keep up with this for long. Eventually the heart and lungs reach their maximum work efforts and it can only neutralize the lactic acid for a short period of time. This buildup of lactic acid is what causes the muscles to feel fatigued and soar the next day. Once the acid production stops the muscle start to recover until the acid balance is restored. (citation). Something else that could happen when someone exercises is a change in blood pressure (citation). As the heart beats it pumps blood through many different …show more content…
It is clear that one third of the population in the United States is considered to be overweight. These people are at a higher risk for contracting major and deadly conditions such as, various cardio vascular related diseases. The first main effect of exercise on the body is that it helps to prevent obesity. This is a crucial part because, along with obesity come many different health risks such as cardio vascular diseases and high blood pressure. While there are some adverse effects of exercise on the body there is not much evidence out there to prove that these effects are due to exercise. Even if the effects where proven to be due to exercise, in the long run the beneficial effects outweigh the adverse ones by a lot. In the future Americans and even people from other countries should work to reduce the obesity rate in adults. Since numerous studies show that exercise is one of the best ways to prevent and reverse obesity, the people of the world need to start working out. According to an article published by Harvard, people only need around thirty minutes a day of exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet to steadily lose weight over time. Even though most of the people in the world live a very busy life, thirty minutes of exercise should not be too hard to squeeze into an already tight

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