Model Of Jenny Craig


As humans, we have the freedom to choose to live healthfully through our choices. One way to live a healthy life is to follow a model that satisfies the vitality strategy. For example, my life is similar to the Jenny Craig model since it promotes the key components of liveliness, including healthy eating, active living, and positive self and body image.

The Jenny Craig model focus on elements of a healthy diet. A diet that contains a variety of healthy foods will lead to longevity and protect against diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer. Besides, it will provide the necessary nutrients that the body needs to create new cells, clean toxins, and function properly. One way Jenny Craig promote a healthy relationship
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One reason why exercise is mandatory is it reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease; and to prevent the complications associated with those conditions, such as premature death and blindness. Exercise can also assist with weight loss since it burns calories, and weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. One element of the exercise part of their program is they offer a variety of flexible activity choices; activity relates to better physical health. Correspondingly, my exercise routine contains a range of activities that build endurance, flexibility, and strength. For example, walking is an endurance exercise that helps my heart, lungs, and the circulatory system to stay healthy. Types of flexibility exercise that I do is yoga and stretch, which helps keep my muscles and joints moving. Furthermore, I lift weights for strength; it contributes to keep my muscles and bones strong and improve posture. Another element of exercise in the Jenny Craig model is their support tools. For instance, they offer tapes and videos to ensure participants exercise with the correct form to obtain benefits out of the activity and to prevent injury. For example, if I were lifting weights, I would want to ensure the weight is not too heavy to prevent harm, nor too light since it will not help to build muscle. Moreover, it serves to know how to lift it properly as a …show more content…
One reason why it is important is when you look at the world positively, it brings you joy. To demonstrate, when you decide you do not need to lose weight in order to succeed in life, you have a positive attitude; as a result, you feel joy. On the other hand, negative thoughts will cause stress. To clarify, if you think over and over "I hate my body, I'm so fat", you think the worst of yourself, instead of the positive aspects and your abilities. As a consequence, you undergo mental stress about your weight. The Jenny Craig model helps people think definite as they provide strategies for self-care, to take proper care of yourself with the intention to keep yourself functioning well and ready for challenges in life. The model also helps people to find strategies to deal with problems. So you can discover a solution to your problem, such as a struggle with weight, instead of stress over it. The Jenny Craig program helps give people a balanced approach to life by relaxation and stress management, which is a significant element of vitality as the lack of relaxation results in higher stress. Also, stress leads our body to a "fight or flight" response and trigger tense muscles and a fast heartbeat. If we do not take the time to relax, chronic stress will cause distress, exhaustion, and illness to our body. So, the Jenny Craig program is here to tell us useful ways to relax our body

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