Essay On Benjamin Franklin's Character Traits

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After practicing one of Ben Franklin’s 13 traits for 3 days, write about your experience below

1. What character trait did you choose?

I chose Ben Franklin’s character trait of order.

2. Why did you choose this trait? (This should be at least one well-developed paragraph.)

I chose order because I felt it would apply to me the most and would help provide me with insight and reflection on my daily life choices. Currently, I am enrolled in two online classes and both my teachers have emphasized the point, that online classes require students to be organized and have order in which they take time out of their day to complete assignments. I also have two jobs in which I work every week, so my time is limited after school and on the weekends.
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That morning, I planned on getting a haircut at the military base before I had to go to work. However, I failed to make an appointment in advance which cost me valuable time. When I arrived at the base, there were already people waiting in line and the wait was over 30 minutes. I needed to get a haircut that day as I hadn’t gotten one in weeks and my hair was too long, so leaving wasn’t an option. My stay at the base ended up being just over an hour, whereas making an appointment would have decreased my stay to just half an hour. After I arrived home, instead of completing my chores and other tasks, I wasted time by watching tv shows and movies. The time, in which I had to clock in for work, was quickly approaching, so I had to rush to put on my work uniform. This process usually takes 5 minutes, but since I wasted my time, the process took over 15 minutes as I was scrambling to find all my uniform parts. As a result, I arrived to work only 1 minute in advance which caused my manager to be displeased. After work, I had a little time to complete upcoming assignments and tasks, but once again, I failed to practice the trait of order and use that time wisely. I could have used the time to study and look over my notes and finish word problems, but instead, I decided to check my phone and eat snacks until I went to …show more content…
I was able to utilize the trait of order on this day much better than I did on Saturday. I was not scheduled for work and I didn’t have any events to attend. I had more time than usual, so I was able to complete my online coursework and finish my worksheets early in the morning. Completing my homework in the morning also allowed me to run errands for my parents midday and pick up a few items for myself. Furthermore, with the extra time I had created for myself, I was able to hang out and spend time with my friends in the afternoon. When I finally settled down in the evening, I still had time to spare. But instead of wasting my time like I did the previous day, I decided to use my time efficiently. I was able to complete all my chores and help my parents throughout the house. Looking at the schedule I created and planning my time accordingly, allowed me to utilize the trait of order effectively throughout the day.
6. Write a final paragraph on what you learned about yourself from working on this trait.
Working on the trait of order allowed me to understand that regardless of all the tasks and activities I have planned on a specific day, time can still be made to complete them. Before I began practicing this trait, I used to come up with excuses as to why I didn’t finish certain assignments on time or didn’t complete the chores my parents gave me. I would always say that I was tired from work or that I was not feeling too

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