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  • Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Exercise

    exercise helps to tone muscles and can help to maintain your muscle mass, which starts to decrease in late 20s. In terms of weight loss, by building muscle tissue, this would help the body to burn more calories at rest. Flexibility exercise involves stretching and moving your joints. This is useful as a down exercise and is good to help improve your range of motion. This is particularly important for older people so that they can continue performing everyday tasks more…

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  • Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie

    “Don’t wait, not everyone gets the time I’m getting” (Albom 166). This was said by Morrie Schwartz. Morrie had a disease called ALS, ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) is a disease that affects the nervous system, weakening the muscles and affects how the body functions. It’s slowing taking over his body, even he is dying and his time is limited, he takes the time he has left to make things right with people. Not everyone realizes that they had the time to live the life the right way until…

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  • Process Essay: The Perfect Workout Routine

    The Perfect Workout Routine In this essay, I will teach you the perfect workout routine to help you get in shape and feel better about yourself. Anytime you get ready to work out it is always very important to stretch first thing. After you stretch you should gather all the equipment you plan on using during your workout. After you have well-educated yourself on how to properly use all the equipment, you are then ready to go ahead with your workout. When you start your workout, you will always…

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  • Personal Narrative: Violence Against Women

    exhausted muscles, My mind was confused one more time after many times in my marriage, I was shocked for the violence. But for the first time I could be stronger, and change my life. I started my shower, to feel the water on my painful muscles, and hoped to wash more than the bruises, wash my cowardice. I went to bed to had my last night with this abusive man. He came to the bed and told me it was my fault because I never did what he asked for, and forced me have sex with him. Each muscle in…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Bodybuilding

    in the category. Now a bodybuilder isn’t only just an individual who uses weighted resistance to build and develop his/her musculature frame. People always seem to measure down a bodybuilder being a well-proportioned individual with extraordinary muscle definition, but that is not the case. Anyone that is enhancing his/her body to increase performance is a “bodybuilder”. Although reality never sets in does it? So when the word bodybuilder comes up we think of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. He…

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  • Associative Learning In Football

    On the muscular involvement continuum passing a football on the run would be considered a gross motor skill as it involves your whole body and large muscle groups to kick the ball as well as running with it, whereas fine motor skills require small muscle movements, precision and accuracy for example throwing a dart. On the continuity continuum passing a football would be considered a serial motor skill as it involves a discrete skill kicking the ball…

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  • Impact On Muscular Endurance

    The Effect of Compression Garments on Muscle Endurance in Trained Individuals. In recent years there has been a development of public acceptance that compression garments have a relationship with muscle performance in athletes. This can be seen through the marketing of compression garments, from companies such as Nike and Adidas, as well as being seen on professional athletes. Muscular endurance can be defined as the muscle’s ability to maintain a contraction or to continue repetitive…

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  • The Secrets Of Self-Improvement By Marina Krakovsky

    If you are having trouble gaining muscle, well no worries with the help of Marina Krakovsky’s article, “The Secrets of Self-Improvement”, and comparing it to other writers with their own articles. For some gaining muscle doesn’t come easy. There are different methods to gain muscle. Though Krakovsky can enlighten great methods to oneself looking to gain mass and muscle. In the article, “The Secrets of Self-Improvement,” Marina Krakovsky gives a variety of methods to improve and maintain…

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  • Twitch Muscle Research Paper

    Fast & Slow Twitch Muscle Muscles are the functional units of tissue that move the skeletal system. There are two primary forms of muscle fibers, fast twitch muscles and slow twitch muscles. Fast twitch muscles contract fast and exert large amounts of power in a quick manner.People with high percentages of fast twitch muscles are generally good sprinters and are strong individuals Slow twitch muscles can put out steady power for long amounts of time and perform optimally in endurance training…

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  • Essay On Dynamic Stretching

    How to Prepare Your Muscles for Athletic Performance Dynamic Stretching Dynamic stretching consists of functional based exercises which use sport specific movements to prepare the body for movement. Dynamic flexibility has been used successfully by trainers and coaches to increase flexibility and possibly lower the incidence of injury. The main benefit of using dynamic stretching just before a sporting event or fitness routine is that, because dynamic stretches use motions…

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