Greyhound Research Paper

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Tightness. When fitting a collar, slip a couple of fingers between it and the dog's neck. A space of less than two fingers means the collar is too tight and can restrict breathing; a collar that's too big could slip off over the dog's head.

Greyhounds have heads that are smaller than their necks and can easily slip out of a standard non-martingale dog collar.
Martingale Collars are often called Greyhound Collars or Sighthound collars because they are so often seen on greyhounds and sighthounds. Collars for greyhounds are specially designed so that they tighten when your greyhound pulls, so your hound can't slip out and escape. Greyhounds have heads that are
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Traditional collars tend to choke when a dog pulls, but harnesses distribute the weight across the chest. Harnesses also give you multiple points of attachment so you can keep the leash from getting tangled in your dog’s legs as well as use these alternate leash attachments for training. For example, attaching the leash to the chest area D-ring of a harness will make it impossible for a dog to pull. If they try to pull, this configuration will result in the dog being turned around every time he pulls, getting him nowhere. Finally, harnesses give you extra places to grab when you’re trying to lift older dogs or give your adventure dog a hand over some rocks while hiking or extract them from water while boating. Great benefit of using no pull dog harnesses is that it gives you greater control over your dog,
A light fitted harness is especially important if you’re walking on a busy road or are in a more populated area.
Leash with elasticity also discourage pulling, due to the fact that the action does not give the dog any advantage, unlike a collar where pulling moves the dog forward which gives them the sense that the action is working. The only action that occurs when a dog does this with a harness is that their front legs come off the floor, a result which your dog will find to be
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That’s why you need a good restraint harness

Other Essential Accessories
Dog packs are another convenient extra piece of gear to have for your dog for anyone planning on hiking long distances.
Having a few dog-related medical supplies in your possession can save you and your dog a whole lot of pain and suffering in the case of an emergency. The Humane Society’s recommendations, which include things like: Gauze pads, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, an ice pack, and tweezers. You should also have a large plastic syringe and hydrogen peroxide, which will help induce vomiting if your dog ingests any sort of poison. In addition, just include a burr comb, tick remover.

Camera mounted Harness. Whether you want your dog to film your mountain biking excursion or your outdoor wedding it offers a totally unique perspective.
Other techy gear worth having includes light-up collars or beacons for your dog. In the city, this provides an extra level of visibility and safety on the roads. In the woods, it can simply help you keep track of Fido after

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