Medical imaging

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  • Increased Use Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    The increased use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has contributed to the rising cost of imaging expenses. The availability of technology, the increased demand for patients and doctor, and advanced technology are factors that have contributed to the increase. Hypothesis: The increased use and availability in MRI imaging has increased the cost in MRI imaging procedures by approximately 33 percent from 2011 to 2013. In an attempt to identify the connection between increased use of MRI…

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  • The Importance Of Medical Oncology

    Started from 1895, when Wihelm Cornrad Roentgen discovered X-rays, numerous groundbreaking findings laid the foundation for medical imaging (Riesz 1995). Since the beginning of the twentieth century, many medical imaging modalities have been used in routine clinical practice to obtain anatomical and physiological information. PET, for instance, is used for physiological imaging. Ultrasound, MRI and CT are commonly used for soft tissue structures (Weissleder and Pittet 2008). In oncology, the…

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  • Technology In Medicine Research Paper

    venture into and explode the medical field with extreme advances. Computers help doctors make medical research discoveries, help the world understand disease, test different medical techniques or samples and more; they affect every aspect of medicine in hospitals, private practice and even in your own home. They provide a network to globally announce and spread medical discoveries in the faster way than anyone could have ever imagined. They allow for different medical…

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  • Interventional Radiology: A Case Study

    expertise of a radiologist together with the knowledge of therapeutic intervention using advanced techniques using a range of imaging guidance modalities such as X-ray fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to accurately treat a medical condition. By the same token, Baum and Baum (2014, p. S76) implies that using the same diagnostic imaging tools that transformed medicine also assist the physician by applying…

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  • Nuclear Energy In The Medical Field

    Nuclear energy plays an important in the medical field. Nuclear energy in medicine has been discovered more than 50 years ago and it has been widely-used ever since. The first use of nuclear energy in the medical field is for medical imaging which is a way of creating visual representation of what is going on in our body. Medical imaging began when Wilhem Rontgen discovered x-ray in 1895. However, at that time, the dangers of radiation was not known yet. Fast forward about 20 years later,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of MRI Scans

    writer says, “Permanent tattooing is the process of body modification by deposition of a pigment into the dermis” (Simunovic and Shinohara 525). In the past three decades, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become increasingly popular in the medical field. Magnetic resonance imaging is a type of medical imaging that is non-invasive and safe in most cases. However, in some cases, patients with tattoos who have undergone MRI scans have experienced first and second degree burns along with other…

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  • Extrahepatic Tumors: A Case Study

    the results of the tests. The findings of the final outcomes showed that the totals of 614 lymph nodes were detected in 116 patients. However, of those 274 were negative and 340 were found out to be positive nodes. It was surprising to many of the medical profession as the PET/CT was concluded to be more sensitive, specific and accurate in diagnosing node (Rappeport, et, al., 2009). Furthermore, it was found out to be 93.2%, 98.2% and 95.3% respectively as per different findings. In constant,…

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  • MRI And Its Effects On The Human Body

    MRI is a unique medical practice among other imaging methods because, unlike radiographs for example x-rays and ct scans and even radioisotope studies it does not use ionising radiation to create an image of the body this is good because if it does not use ionising radiation it will not have the effects that the radiation causes to the human body. But instead of using other means such as ultrasound to create an image it uses strong magnets and radio waves to create detailed digital images of the…

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  • What Is Magnetic Resonance Imaging?

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a medical technology that uses magnetic fields to interact with protons in the human body, producing an image that allows doctors to diagnose disease and/or injuries (DiGiuseppe, Haberer, Salciccioli, Sanader, & Vavitsas, 2012). The idea of MRI technology had come from Raymond Damadian who was a medical professor and had founded the company that manufactured MRI scanners (Bergman PH. D, 2015). In the beginning, Damadian had been using Nuclear Magnetic…

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  • Medical Advancements

    With the many advances in technology it has greatly benefited the medical field as we know it. Technology has brought the medical field things as simple as electric thermometers to things like the Sonograms. Now that our technology is more advanced we are able to have the ability to cure certain sicknesses, help control diseases, and even detect cancer soon enough to eliminate death. The more discoveries we make the quicker we will be able to find cures for things like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and…

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