Impacts Of Information Technology On Society In The New Century Written By Steven Pinker

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Take a look at the world’s society in this day and age, now notice that there is some sort of technology in every direction. Technology has become an essential part of the human lifestyle. It has evolved from being items that only certain people could use to now being within the hands of almost anyone, even children. Now some may feel like technology is dangerous and that we are becoming zombies to our screens, but technology is overall beneficial than disruptive to the human lifestyle. Technology has led to many advancements in the science field, which is turned around to help our society.
The main focus of the article “Mind over Mass Media” written by Steven Pinker, is to question if technology is hazardous to humans. Pinker states throughout
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In the article, “Impacts of Information Technology on Society in the New Century” written by Robert Lee Konsbruck, it is stated that, “The ability of computers and communications to perform routine tasks such as bookkeeping more rapidly than humans leads to concern that people will be replaced by computers and communications” (Konsbruck). This is the dominate concern that people have because technology we have today is beginning to become extraordinary advanced. Many people are afraid that technology will take their jobs, but in fact, the opposite will happen. When technology becomes more involved, there will be a tremendous amount of jobs created. Mynul Khan, the author of “Robots Won’t Just Take Jobs, They’ll Create Them”, wrote that technology is being used more, but there must be human labor to operate and maintain it because there is the chance that technology can malfunction (2016). When we use more technology we will need more people to help maintain it, which will create more jobs. This relates back to Pinker’s statement that technology will keep people smart because people will have to learn how to operate these machines, which will open a new area of what people can learn and increase their …show more content…
For many years fossil fuels have been the fundamental source of power, but with the improvement of technology, there are ways to harness the power of the elements and use it for electricity. Throughout many years of only fossil fuels, there is now hydroelectricity, photovoltaics, solar thermal, geothermal, and wind power to supply energy to society today. As a result of advances in technology, breakthroughs were formed in the way humans use photovoltaics and solar thermal. Carnegie Mellon University, the publisher of “Energy Sources, Technologies and Impacts” states, “To convert solar radiation into electricity, we use photovoltaic cells… based on the phenomenon of photoelectricity – that light can release electron from certain material. Using these materials, light can be converted directly into electricity” (“Energy, Sources, Technologies…”). Since the technology is now convenient, society can transfer the sun’s radiation into electricity that is needed to power the world. In fact, there has been evidence that ancient civilizations used the sun to their advantage (“Energy, Sources, Technologies…”) and society today has taken a step forward by compiling this energy and using it for electricity. Using this source will also make the future a superior one because burning fossil fuels are sabotaging this world. It has been proven that fossil fuels have damaged the

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